Revisiting Russell Hanson QC's analysis of the Gillard offences in the AWU Scandal
"The executions went well", Kepolisian Negara Republik Indonesia (Indonesian National Police) quoted in Jakarta Post

Range of false premises in the "I stand for mercy" video to Tony Abbott

At least they can act.

This video from "celebrities" calls on Tony Abbott and his government to "do more".   Tony Abbott should "get over there to Indonesia" and "bring our boys home".   He should "stick up for his citizens" and the list of presumed omissions delivered by the "I stand for mercy' celebrity team just spews on and on and on.

5 minutes on Google will reveal the extent of the Federal Government's herculean efforts to influence Indonesian internal  processes in this matter.   I can't think of a stone unturned, a vague hope untried, a chance to make a phone call foregone.   From informed observers there's unanimity on one point - the government has done all that could be hoped by way of vigorous representations to the Republic of Indonesia in favour of the lives of these Australian felons.

This article isn't about the rights and wrongs of Chan and Sukamaran, nor about the death sentence.   It's about the vacuous nature of celebrity, the presumption against "Abbott" - plus the fact that lines delivered by actors, even gravitas-laden lines delivered by actors, are just that.   Lines.   Could be right, could be wrong.   Who cares, everyone hates Abbott anyone.  Right?


PS - Why didn't they direct their helpful hints on governing to the President Widodo of Indonesia?