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The Australian Democrats are no more, deregistered they've gone the way of all organisations that cease to listen to their constituents

Ray Hadley in his own words on fixing up Queensland

Here's Ray Hadley talking at his new audience in Brisbane, courtesy of Channel Nine news.

Queenslanders are about to get with the program - Ray Hadley is coming to fix up Brisbane.  Ray reckons no Queenslander could do the job, so Ray's agreed to extend his stewardship over New South Wales (crime, traffic, paedophilia, police and court procedures) into Queensland - operating out of the 4BC LAC.

You heard it for yourself in the video - Ray already knows what needs to be fixed (same as NSW apparently) and how to fix it.   So breathe a sigh of relief Queenslanders - the cavalry is on the way from New South Wales. 

Ray tells us what he is going to change in Queensland, what he'll focus on fixing (not just 4BC, there are heaps of even bigger problems Ray's going to fix) there's even a plan to issue official plaudits to political leaders if they please Ray by doing something worthy of a Hadley-endorsed blessing.

Ray's full-bottle on what needs to be done to get Queensland on track - he doesn't need listeners. He's even assessed Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and found she is exactly the same as NSW Premier Mike Baird (I hadn't seen the similarities myself, but Ray has now passed judgement so that's that).

Now as far as the 4BC audience is concerned, you can stand down.  Ray knows your opinions, he knows the problems, he has the solutions, so sit back and let the Sydney crew move in and fix the joint up.   Just shut up and you might learn something - that seems to be the message. 

Brisbane had a taste of Alan Jones in the lead-up to the defeat of  Campbell Newman's LNP Government.   In my experience, Queenslanders like to have their own say on their own issues - rather than say bringing in an outsider to fix the place up.

There's a very strong call for solid, conservative talk-back radio in Brisbane and that call was not being met with the former 4BC lineup.   But Brisbane is a world-city now, it more than stands on its own two feet in every area of commerce and civic infrastructure.   Ray would do very well to eat a bit of humble pie before he repeats that nauseating Channel Nine got it in the bag performance on air in Brisbane.