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Suffering from misogyny? The diagnosis depends on who the patient is.

Earlier this week a prominent Austalian woman had her photo plastered over the newspapers and TV screens with horrible, demeaning headlines.   "Fat", "Fatty", "Bully" and some of the reporting was much worse.   So you'd expect the automatic, reflexive response of the Misogyny National Guard, calling out misogyny wherever they see it.   The Twitterati should have been aploplectic linking the comments to domestic violence, body image, depression and much more.   But there's been nothing, not a single Tweet in support.   That's because the woman is Gina Rinehart and not Julia Gillard.

One of Ms Rinhart's children John Hancock is a real charmer.   He's involved in legal action against his mother about money.   He wants more of it.

In the court proceedings many of John Hancock's emails to his sisters have been tendered into evidence - the file is here:

Download 0376_001-2

This court case has everything, money, drama and Gina Rinehart - so the media has been there in force.   And they didn't miss a trick in reporting on John Hancock's horrible way with words about his mother.

Headline after headline - "Fat", "Fatty" - you get the picture.

If John Hancock was talking about just about any other woman in those emails imagine the outrage!

But the leftists and feminists must be on leave at the moment.

There's no Clementine Ford, no ABC, no "Destroying the Join" -not even a Tracey Spicer.   None of the usual feminist cheer squad has chided Hancock - nor has the tone of the some of the media reporting been criticised.

I just searched the whole of Twitter for the words "John Hancock Rinehart fat".   Other than the original media stories, there's not a single Twitter contribution commenting on the young man's disrespect for women.

Apparently if Gina Rinehart is involved, Gina Rinehart is in the wrong.   How else to explain the complete absence of any feminist taking the lead to condemn John Hancock.

I spoke to a journalist mate yesterday about this - he said the old saying "my enemy's enemy is my friend" is probably at play.   John Hancock is fighting Gina Rinehart, so are "we" - therefore he's on our side.

And that's what drives so much of the left's commentary.   It's tribal.

As late as last night the ABC's Lateline program gave airtime to the QandA favourite and professional Muslim Mona Eltahawy.   She's written a book about sex -  and the ABC decided Australian taxpayers should help her sell it - here's a link to the show and here's her bio:

Mona Eltahawy is an Egyptian born author who argues the Arab world needs a sexual revolution. She spoke to Lateline's Tony Jones about new book, 'Headscarves and Hymens'.


It only took 2 questions for Ms Eltahawy to link headscarves, Hymens, sex, misogyny and that most famous misogyny sufferer of them all:   

I'm trying to name and shame this misogyny because I believe, again - you know, once again, misogyny is global. I mean, you know, I'm talking to an Australian audience and I'm sure you, Tony, and your audience remember what happened to your former Prime Minister Julia Gillard and her famous misogyny speech and the kind of - the awful things that she had to put up with from both the Opposition, the media and the street in Australia. And a recent survey showed that young Australian women believe that misogyny was on the rise and that it was discouraging them from certain career paths. So my point again is that misogyny is global, but what I'm trying to do in my part of the world is figure out how we can take apart that trifecta of misogyny and confront it in the feminist way that women across the world are doing every day.

She knows her ABC audience  in Australia!   

Tony Abbott only had to drink a schooner in a pub before Anzac Day - and he was linked to promoting domestic violence against women.   The reporting about Gina Rinehart has been much more damaging than that.  Come on feminists, where's your support for the sister Gina Rinehart?