The Australian today reports charges over AWU slush fund to return focus to Julia Gillard
Click here to watch the TURC hearings into the Labor Party Loans Affair - day two

The ABC can't help itself, offensive, ignorant and very selective in the side it supports over the Anzac Day SBS Tweets

You might forgive me an occasional wry smile over the left's protests in support of the sacked SBS reporter and his "right" to say whatever the left approves of.

When Julia Gillard swung her weight around with News Limited (and by extension Fairfax) to shut down enquiries and reporting into the AWU scandal, there wasn't a peep of support for Glen Milne, Bob Kernohan (whose legally approved interview was pulled after being heavily promoted, giving the impression Bob was saying something untrue or improper) or me.

The Gillard story was important, it was the truth it was being covered up -  and as we now know it's led (in part) to a very expensive Royal Commission.

The media should have been apoplectic at a sitting Prime Minister so abusing her office to achieve a personal gain - that is stopping the reports and enquiries about her personal past in the AWU WRA Inc scandal.   Her conduct went to the heart of our democracy.   But she was of the left.........