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The most graphic account of our men fighting at Gallipoli you may ever read - from one of our family

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A has just sent this letter out to his family and he's shared it with us too:

Hi folks,
Yesterday I was browsing through a book mum and dad gave me years ago, “ From Randwick To Hargicourt.” It’s a history of the 3rd Battalion 1st AIF.
There was a letter from Pop Cole’s brother, Reginald Norman Cole,  to his father, James, which was published in a Sydney newspaper.
It’s a pretty graphic account of the war.
I had to scan it in two parts, someone clever might be able to put it together as one.  I’ve also included a copy of the dedication inside the front cover,written by Pop Cole to his son, Aubrey, in 1935.
Didn’t they leave us a wonderful legacy?
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What an account, in the young soldier's own words.   We will remember them.  Lest we forget.