The world has run out of people who can talk - Craig Thomson given speaking job
How much would you expect to pay for union member names? Well don't answer, because you also get a political lobby group...

Craig Thomson's new colleagues engaged in the fast-moving, dynamic insert three-letter-acronym business of solutions oriented Chinese something or other

Thank you to the incomparable Seeker of Truth for her research overnight.

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There's money in China and money in conferences.

Where money flows, carpet-bags filled with snake-oil follow.  Snake-oil doesn't sell itself, it needs  people who are committed to excellence, passionate about diversity and oriented towards total solutions packages that are at once hard and soft or tough but humane or something someone said once that sounded great.

People like Jack Rascovic, or Lubo Rascovic or Sunny Amit.  Or Craig Thomson.

Craig was spruiking for Xbauxi Pty Ltd - a Sino-sounding concern which has cornered a unique position that will render it impervious to the efforts of pretenders trying to imitate its uniqueness.

Its primary asset appears to be a one page website which features two elements.  The first is a mining-looking photo from Google, the second is this literary marvel:

Xbauxi Pty Ltd and its partners offer a comprehensive range of project facilitation and multidiscipline engineering, project delivery and maintenance services, including client and landholder negotiations, inspections, testing, quality and safety systems for mineral processing plants, materials handling systems and mine infrastructure.
We specialise in the development and execution of project implementation strategies that make best use of offshore and onshore capabilities through our network of partners.
We deliver mining projects from initial concept through to construction management and operations support using multi-skilled project delivery people backed up by in-house and third party expert technical support.
The true value of our service is our holistic, client centred approach and depth of experience on owners’ and contractors’ teams across a range of industries.

We believe that every project is unique and that there is no one size fits all strategy for mining project delivery.

Contact Details: Atlas Building, Suite 406, Level 4, 2-8 Brookhollow Ave, Norwest Business Park, Baulkham Hills  NSW  2153
Telephone: +61296803400 Email:


The number for Xbauxi is 02 9680 3400. Its address, Suite 406/2-8 Brookhollow Ave, Baulkham Hills.   Things are apparently vibrant, dynamic, diverse and busy at Suite 406.

Those unique Xbauxi business assets are shared amongst many other names, names like Global Skills and Business Services.

Global Skills is a recruitment service run by Jack Raskovic (also known as Lubo Jack Raskovic).

But how can this be?

Lubo Raskovic of Baulkham Hills (aka Jack Raskovic aka Lubo Lubinko Raskovic, and possibly Amit Sunny Anand) of Global Skills & Business Services of Baulkham Hills was disqualified by ASIC from managing corporations from 1 August 2008 for four years.

Lubo Lubinko Raskovic

ASIC disqualified security industry consultant, Mr Lubo Lubinko Raskovic, of Baulkham Hills, New South Wales, from managing corporations for four years.

Mr Raskovic’s disqualification follows an ASIC investigation into his role in three failed companies, Divisional Security (Aust) Pty Ltd, Bend Congeal Pty Ltd and Ballace Pty Ltd.

ASIC’s investigation found that Mr Raskovic allowed all three companies to trade while insolvent. Further, ASIC found that he used his position as a director of Divisional Security (Aust) Pty Ltd and Ballace Pty Ltd to the detriment of both companies.


Jack Rascovic has vacated his LinkedIn page, it sits there eerily empty of content - like so much of the Xbauxi et al story.

Every touch, however, appears to have left a trace - because the first Google Image for a Jack Raskovic of Australia delivers a photo of this man:

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 6.45.29 am

This is apparently Amit Sunny Anand who tells the world about his uniqueness at

He currently works for Expo Trade Australia. Has been involved in the mining industry through Resourceful Events and a series of other companies - but imagine the mining world's delight in learning it has a new colleague who, along with Craig Thomson is capable of this:

Amit is an Astute Sales Management Professional with seven years experience and a proven track record in generating consistent bottom line impact via revenue generation across multiple industry sectors. 

Over the years, Amit has worked with the Top Global Business Intelligence Companies where his focus has been to consistently develop his portfolio and enhance his knowledge base. .

In all his roles, Amit, was charged with driving sales, business growth, brand awareness and customer relationship management through effectively identifying and seizing business development opportunities and growing his teams.

Amit is passionate about Growth and going forward wants to Carve A Niche for himself in a result oriented organisation by utilising and further enhancing his skill set in order to assist forging organisational growth through following a continuous improvement strategy by consistently delivering and growing revenue, building and developing teams whilst delivering bottom-line goals.

Thomson was speaking at the 6th World Aluminum Raw Materials Summit on May 20-22, 2015 in Qingdao, Shandong China hosted by International Bauxite, Alumina & Aluminium Society (IBAAS) in association with Asian Metal.


He was allocated 20 minutes (yes, 20 minute increments feature in the Thomson story again) to speak of the unique positioning solutions orientation and market leading diversity dynamics brought to the fast paced world of global industry development potentials at Xbauxi Pty Ltd.   He's Xbauxi's partner, temporary partnering being a calling for which Mr Thomson is eminently well credentialled


Many had assembled to hear the Thomson exposition:

He has credentials that sound marvellous and are highly valued by people like Jack Rascovic, Sunny et al.    Parliamentarian, head of Australia's Parliamentary Economics Committee, lawyer - just leave out all the shit stuff about that Liberal Party political witch-hunt and the corrupt judicial system and the bullshit conviction.   So, yeah.   What time is the cocktail party?