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Fairfax Media on Bill Shorten & AWU's case again today over hundreds of thousands in undeclared $$$

Bill Shorten's "plan" for 50% renewable energy - Al Gore bought it.............

This is from Bill Shorten's Facebook page:

Today I outlined Labor's plan for 50 per cent renewable energy by 2030 in a meeting with former Vice President of the United States of America, Al Gore at Melbourne University. 

VP Gore said renewable energy was now the greatest contributor to new jobs in the U.S. having grown by a massive 88 per cent. 

Labor believes renewable energy can deliver new investment, new jobs, lower power prices and reduce pollution in Australia.

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And this magnificent comment from Alan RM Jones says it all

Alan RM Jones A plan? What plan? Plans have budgets. This is not a plan. It's an un-costed Greens-chasing feel-good stunt with Mr hockey stick.
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And right on cue - here's The Australian's Cut and Paste setting out Bill's plan!

Carbon costs. Media release, Bruce Billson, yesterday:

The ACCC’s final carbon tax monitoring report confirms households are saving $550 on average per year since the Abbott government abolished the harmful tax.


And the price of Labor’s plans? Bill Shorten makes that crystal clear, doorstop, Monday:

Journalist: The Prime Minister says that your plan to introduce renewable energy to 50 per cent by 2030 is going to cost $60 billion …

Shorten: Well, first of all, the Prime Minister just makes up numbers to scare people. He has no evidence or science. In fact, he is the most unscientific prime minister Australia has had in a long time. We know he and his government, Mr Abbott and his Liberals, are determined not to take action on climate change, and we know the rest of the world is. I do not think it is good for Australia’s future to be led by a man who doesn’t believe in climate change, who called it absolute crap, and he is at it again. Anyone who expects Mr Abbott to change his spots and become someone who is going to take real action on climate change when he has spent his adult life being sceptical of it I think is being overly optimistic. In terms of how Labor proposes improving a renewable energy mix, what we recognise is that when it comes to the large-scale program in terms of renewable energy, we can only increase that by bipartisanship. Now we’ve given ourselves 15 years, and one thing I know is that sooner or later, the once great Liberal Party of Menzies and Malcolm Fraser and indeed others who believe in action on climate, will restore and become far less extreme right-wing and come back to the mainstream when Mr Abbott is no longer their leader. So what we recognise is that for some of the policies, our goal of 50 per cent renewable energy, we need a Liberal Party equally committed to the future, equally committed to taking real action on climate change, equally committed to helping create jobs, investment, confidence and give consumers the ability to control their prices — so we will get there. The rest of the world is moving in that direction, we just need Mr Abbott to stop being stuck in the past and become part of the vision for the future.


What the rest of the world is discovering. Paper from British think tank Policy Exchange, July 16:

The average household energy bill has risen by £120 over the past five years purely due to … energy and climate policies which fail to put affordability at the heart of policymaking … Policymakers … failed to strike the right balance between energy affordability and decarbonising the economy.


On that decarbonising. The ABC’s Heather Ewart tweets during Q&A, Monday night:

Just don’t get the ongoing obsession with coal. The rest of world moving on. Why don’t we?


Really? From the International Energy Agency website’s coal page:

Over 40 per cent of worldwide electricity is produced from coal … Coal use will be significant also in the future.