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The Australian's Cut and Paste is on to the "do as I say" leaders of the CFMEU

Here's CFMEU WA Branch secretary Joe McDonald addressing the Labor Conference in Melbourne over the weekend - as reported by Rita Mallia.


Here's John Setka with his "colourful" take on the speech.


And this is from The Australian's Cut and Paste page this morning:

It’s do as I say, not as I do, all the way from WA

Do as I say. CFMEU WA state secretary Joe McDonald on violence towards women, ALP national conference, Sunday:

Do something about it!


Not as we do. The Daily Telegraph, October 8 last year:

One of the union officials named and shamed in the royal commission for intimidating Fair Work inspectors … Luke Collier … subjected building inspectors at the Barangaroo casino hotel site to repeated intimidation and abuse … A female inspector was called a “f. king slut” as 40 building workers surrounded her and a male colleague.


The Sydney Morning Herald, May 25:

On July 24 last year, (Collier) harassed another female Fair Work inspector, and played the song Who Let The Dogs Out on a loud hailer when she entered a worksite.


The Sydney Morning Herald, July 22:

Only eight people were in court 5.3 at the Downing Centre at 9.30 on Monday morning but the sense of shock in the room was clear. The magistrate was clearly surprised … The solicitor for the prosecution advised the court that all charges against … Luke Collier had been withdrawn, “without admissions”. She named a detective inspector who had made the decision. The decision had been made that morning, after the victim was a no-show … Earlier this year, Collier pleaded guilty to a charge of assault. His victim was a woman. He was scheduled to appear in court on Monday on multiple charges, including aggravated assault, involving the same woman … An obvious inference can be drawn that the witness felt intimidated. Even if there was not overt coercion or inducement to drop her complaint, she felt sufficiently intimidated, or compromised, or exhausted to proceed … The turn of events … served as another reminder that the criminal law operates very poorly on building sites.

More from the same story:

The royal commission into union corruption … has published evidence of Collier’s intimidation of women on work sites on several occasions. He has been accused by a female government official of spitting at her on a work site last year … His conduct is part of a pattern of harassment of women by CFMEU officials.


Do something. Collier’s current job? Update to his now-deleted Facebook page, May 5:

Started working at CFMEU, WA.