Bill Shorten's in trouble - he's trotted out Beaconsfield in a video shot in his backyard
Don't forget Tony Abbott's Royal Commission Smear Campaign - 900 CFMEU witch-hunt questions in Canberra today

Tony Abbott is fit and dresses neatly - but seriously Bill Shorten, please tone down the Tone-obsession, at least in public

Julia Gillard got a bit bewitched by budgie-smuggling Tony, now Bill's falling into the trap.

Here he is at a press conference today to sell the message that he's a leader not a follower.

(Thanks to Nathan Lee for the edited video from today's Shorten leadership masterclass)


Bill, look what happened last time a Labor leader started to obsess over Tone.

PS - Bill,when in doubt consult the KRudd playbook.

Here, Krudd preaches on negative politics and Labor's positive plans for the future.