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Michael Smith editorial on reaction to the ACTU losing its case at the TURC today

A bit of ABC/ACTU/Labor reaction to the Heydon disqualification decision

The ABC framed today's event early on with this introduction, "Dyson Heydon will announce whether he is standing down" rather than dealing with the merits of the ACTU dodgy bias application.

Here's the ABC's political correspondent Greg Jennett discussing Commissioner Heydon's ruling - ABC tale appears to be between its legs.

Here's some of what passes for "news" at the ABC along with their ACTU/Labor script-writers.


And we'll leave the last respectful word about Commissioner Heydon AC QC to two senior leaders in one of the key unions he's inquiring into, John Setka and Michael O'Connor of the CFMEU.   Setka has the unmitigated gall to compare the Commissioner with the Wolf of Wall Street.