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Victoria''s CFMEU/Labor Police Minister on why authorities should back off from Visa checks for illegals

Australian Border Force and Victoria Police joint operation in Melbourne cancelled at the eleventh hour

Just a short while ago Border Force was scheduled to be present at Flinders Street Station for an annoying "photo op" to showcase this:

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ABF joining inter-agency outfit to target crime in Melbourne CBD

28-08-2015 - 

This weekend Australian Border Force (ABF) officers will for the first time join forces with a diverse team of transport and enforcement agencies to target crime in the Melbourne Central Business District (CBD) as part of Operation Fortitude.

Tonight and tomorrow evening (Friday 28 and Saturday 29 August 2015) Metro Trains, Yarra Trams, the Sheriff’s Office, Taxi Services Commission and the ABF will join Victoria Police as part of the inter-agency operation.

With a particular focus on people travelling to, from and around the CBD, the group of agencies will work together to support the best interests of Melbournians, targeting everything from anti-social behaviour to outstanding warrants.

ABF Regional Commander Victoria and Tasmania, Don Smith, is proud the ABF will be participating in the operation.

“While the ABF regularly conducts a range of compliance field-work, this is the first time we’ve been involved in an inter-agency operation of this nature and we’re very proud be able to support each of our organisations to achieve our common mission of promoting a secure and cohesive society here in Melbourne.”

“ABF officers will be positioned at various locations around the CBD speaking with any individual we cross paths with,” Mr Smith said.

“You need to be aware of the conditions of your visa; if you commit visa fraud you should know it’s only a matter of time before you’re caught out.”

The inter-agency outfit will continue to work together on an ongoing basis to target crime in and around the Melbourne CBD to make the city a safer place for everyone.

Media opportunity

Operation Fortitude will be launched by representatives from each participating agency at 2pm today (Friday 28 August 2015) on the steps of Flinders Street Railway Station.


The operation would have pleased a lot of people concerned about foreigners committing crime in Australia.  The Customs and Immigration background in Border Force means immediate actions would have been taken to round up and process those sorts of crooks.

Likewise illegal immigrant workers.   Legal immigrant workers on 457 Visas are a huge problem for Labor and the unions, so you'd reckon they'd be even more concerned about illegals and would support moves to detect and remove them.

And you'd be wrong.  Just minutes before it all got underway (but apparently with enough Border Force and Victoria Police presence to provide a good backdrop for the now successful protester who'll be in tonight's news) Vioctoria Police got the word from up the line that it was not going to happen.


Dennis Thompson said:

The CFMEU have been providing donations to the extreme Greens. And now Winslow is caught working on behalf of Union Labor, and he is a Green.
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