The ACTU finds an independent, unbiased Judge to conduct the enquiry into union governance
The ACTU's idea of an independent former Judge untainted by perception of bias.

Josh Bornstein, Principal, Maurice Blackburn acts for AWU, HSU NSW, TWU & CEPU - owes TURC a speedy apology

In this Workplace Express article from 21 May last year Josh Bernstein confirms the fees bonanza his firm will be enjoying courtesy of the Trade Union Royal Commmission, you can find the original article at Workplace Express here.

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About 4 hours ago Josh Bernstein published this message and engaged in further publications by way of Twitter exchanges.


Mr Bornstein is a party to proceedings currently afoot before the Commission.   He's a very senior lawyer, the Principal of the element of Maurice Blackburn representing the AWU, TWU, HSU NSW and the CEPU.   He has duties to the Royal Commission, he's an officer of the court and he has duties to his clients.

It's terribly contemptuous to say that the Royal Commission "consistently leaks its investigations to [named] journalists in a highly prejudicial manner" if that allegation is untrue.   If he has evidence to support the allegation  he should make a report o the proper authority.  Twitter is not the forum for a responsible lawyer with clients before the Commission to so publicly make those allegations.   If he doesn't have any evidence I'd hope he'll publicly apologise and very quickly.

This is very, very serious.   An allegation that the Commission itself "continuously" discloses confidential information to the prejudice of parties appearing before it is a very, very serious allegation.  It warrants immediate investigation - it's an allegation of serious corruption.

I hope for all our sakes Mr Bernstein is wrong - but God help him if that is so.