The ACTU legal letter to the Trade Union Royal Commissioner - signed by Julia Gillard's former boss Peter Gordon
CFMEU chief brings court action to have Royal Commissioner disqualified due to bias

Michael Smith editorial - ACTU legal letter to Royal Commission - it's "considering asking him to disqualify" himself

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This is all about protecting Bill Shorten.

Do not be confused by the ALP/media noise.

Keep focussed on the two key issues:

1.Is this Royal Commission important?   Is it uncovering hitherto unknown serious corruption?   Does that systemic corruption affect the broader community (i.e. those of us not in on the giggle)?   

2. Is there any evidence of procedural unfairness or bias affecting Royal Commissioner Heydon's work at the Commission?   Is the issue of bias real or confected?

Answer those questions and you'll see the ACTU application in its proper context.   This is all about using Labor/ACT resources to protect union/ALP bosses.   There is no advantage for honest workers in the ACTU's actions - the only people who will be advantaged are union bosses.

Like Bill Shorten.



Here's the ACTU's statement on the record today - note they want time, time to make more noise, to fan fires of doubt and to reinforce a public perception of doubt in the Commission.  

If the real issue is dealt with and dismissed, they're cactus.

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