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Once again Australia turns the other cheek to radical Islam

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By Jason Morrison

Once again, when it comes to radical Islam, Australia turns the other cheek.

What’s the point of having laws against hate speech when a well-known extremist is caught red-handed breaking such laws and the crime goes unpunished?

Despite a clear-cut case, even with video evidence and no denials, Hizbut Tahrir hate preacher Ismail al-Wahwah will get away with openly calling for violent jihad on the streets on Australia. 

Six months ago, al-Wahwah, an Islamofacist, stood before a mob in Sydney’s Lakemba, and in Arabic spat out a call for Muslims to wipe out the Jewish race.

Surrounded by chanting flag wavers, he warned Jews should not expect to “live in safety” anymore.

It was video recorded, loaded up on YouTube with English captioning by the boastful organisers.

Originally, the story broke here. Michael was sent the footage by one of his readers who’d spotted it on a mainstream Islamic website.

We watched it in disbelief. The whole session is unashamed hate speech – and has since been the subject of numerous complaints under the appropriate laws.

So off the case went to The NSW Anti-Discrimination Board in NSW.

The Board initially agreed and referred to the case for prosecution to the DPP who asked the police to gather evidence with a view to charging the thug.

That was then.

Yesterday I became aware through police contacts that somehow this ‘up and down case’ had now been stamped too hard.

The Anti-Discrimination Board, NSW Police, and the DPP have now closed the matter and no-one will be charged - even though my contacts confirm he has clearly broken the law.

Which makes you wonder, when it comes to certain groups whether the people policing the law actually do a little reverse discrimination when it comes to who they'll go after?

Here’s the test: If this website called for violence and random murder of any group or nationality, Michael and I would be run out of town.

If I had called for the death of certain people in my radio days, do you think it would be a non-issue?

It’s not a complicated issue – it’s quite simple.

The law says it's a crime to incite violence on anyone - let alone a group.

It doesn’t matter who you are - but again with this mob ... tolerate it.

Remember the placards in Hyde Park a few years ago, “behead those who insult the prophet”? Nothing happened then either.

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This latest incident is the dirty work of Islamic activist group Hizbut Tahrir.

These are the smooth talking radicals who want an Islamic revolution in Australia.

The organisation is outlawed all over the world but tolerated in our country even though it’s been a magnet for radicals like terrorist Man Monis – and openly pushes for the introduction of sharia law. Its membership is growing and its leadership dance the fine line between free speech and inciting an uprising.

This time Ismail al-Wahwah crossed that line only to be met with gutlessness from the authorities.

I suspect bureaucratic cowardice is at the centre of the decision not to throw the book at this bloke – disguised as always with a smokescreen of excuses.

Once again Australians are asked to tolerate the intolerant and in this climate, this is exactly the wrong message to send to exactly the wrong people.