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Murder, bashings, corruption. What happens next is up to you. The Union Corruption Commission and its unfinished work

We need your help.

CLICK ON THE PLAY BUTTON in the Audioboo below to hear Jason Morrison and Michael Smith on what happens next for outlaw union bosses.


As you listen scroll through a couple of reports on the Commission's hearings.

3 October 2014 hearing - CFMEU NSW Secretary Brian Parker phone recording "I'll bash him, I'll put him in hospital........(when) I unleash I won't stop"

18 June 2015 hearing - CFMEU NSW Secretary Brian Parker intimate "luv ya Sparkles" phone intercepts with underworld figure George Alex


What happens next is up to you.  


What do you want?

A The Commission should be wound up in December, its records archived and put into storage; or,

B. The Commission's unfinished work cleaning up crime and corruption should continue until the job is done.

You can help the government to make that decision.

The PM Mr Turnbull is new to the job.  

So is the Employment Minister Senator Michaela Cash.

Let them know how you feel - in your words.   It will take a minute or two.

Make a decision to do something about it now.

You can help by passing this message on to your friends too.

Do it now.  Do it for Australia.  For our future.

Get in touch with the Prime Minister:

Get in touch with the Employment Minister

Tell them what you've seen and heard through the Royal Commission.   Let the decision makers know how you feel.

And please thank the people who are doing the work at the Heydon Royal Commission - the TURC.

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 1800 221 245

No pro-forma letters, no petitions to sign, just a personal note from you to PM Turnbull, Minister Cash or the people at the TURC.

Thank you.

Here's Stu of NT

Independent. Always. Fairfax on Julie/Julia and partners at the United Nations

Exhibit One - Labor's Julia and partner at the UN.


Our 'first bloke' makes UN history

September 28, 2012
Phillip Coorey

Chief Political Correspondent

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 7.45.03 am




Exhibit Two - Liberal's Julie and partner at the UN.


Why was Julie Bishop's boyfriend on the floor of the United Nations, asks Labor

September 29, 2015 - 2:42PM
Latika Bourke

National Political Reporter


Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 7.49.31 am



Mining jobs pay big $$ that get spent here - like a supporting wall in our economic house, remove mining jobs and...........

This is the result The Greens and their leftoid Labor mates wanted.

Their carbon tax, mining tax, green-tape regulations and lawfare against mines were designed to achieve exactly this.

Mining jobs are a lead indicator of domestic consumption and spending.   Those jobs pay disproportionately huge money into the hands of disproportionately young people (blokes) who spend it. Take away mining jobs and the economy will suffer disproportionate damage.

Jobs in mining support jobs in retail, restaurants, cars, accommodation, house-sales, construction, legal - start to think about it a bit and you'll see this is very bad news for all of us.

Except The Greens, the ABC and their socialist Australia-hating comrades.


Federal Division of Canning formally declared last night

The AEC reports the final results here

A few stats:

  • 4.1% swing against the Liberals on first preferences
  • 6.9% swing to Labor - came from Libs and others

Not good news for the Liberal Democrats who polled just 489 votes - outdone by  

  • Pirate Party 774
  • Animal Justice Party - 1,186
  • Independent Lisa van Lieshout - 539 votes despite this: 

Warrant issued for Canning by-election candidate Teresa ...
Sep 7, 2015 - Warrant issued for Canning by-election candidate Teresa Van Lieshout ... the Fremantle Magistrates Court today on charges of breaching bail, ...

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 5.13.38 am

Two Party Preferred swing to Labor 6.5%

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 5.14.27 am

Congratulations to Andrew Hastie MP

Out of the way please Julia, Kevin-Kevin wants Global Education

Kevin Rudd appears to have ditched the Rudd/Gillard global exclusivity agreement.

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 3.24.31 am

Overnight Rudd launched into the Axis-of-Education.

Early last year Julia Gillard was made Chair of the Global Education Partnership by its fiercely feminist traditional owners.

This morning The Rudd felt fem-friend defensive fire.  

Two hours after the incursion Gillard launched a FLOTUS triple-warhead.   

The missive warning was clear.

 "I will not be lectured about the Education Space by that man, I will not!" 

Julie Bishop is in New York avoiding UN SecGen-in-training Kevin-Kevin.  Pray diplomacy works.

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 3.38.13 am

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 3.29.44 am

TURC to hear past CFMEU boss - concerns arose "when people started getting shot"

CFMEU Witness List 2015

1 October – 2 October (Sydney)

A hearing of the Royal Commission is scheduled to take place on Level 19, 55 Market St, Sydney between 10:00am and 4:00pm.

The witness list (in alphabetical order) is:

  • Brian Parker - CFMEU State Secretary NSW
  • Yulei Zhou  - CFMEU paid Organiser (Construction, Gyprock) - Sydney and South Sydney 


6 October (Sydney)

  • Michael Deegan - former project director Thiess Epping to Chatswood Rail Link Project 
  • Peter McClelland - former President, CFMEU, NSW

7 October – 9 October (Sydney)

  • Dean Hall
  • John Lomax

Mr Hall and Mr Lomax should be well known to us all from the ACT CFMEU hearings and the bail book at the ACT Watch-house.


Peter McLelland was summonsed to give evidence about George Alex, Darren Greenfield and the Alex companies at a Private Hearing of the Commission in August, 2014.

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 2.34.22 am

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 2.30.39 am

National Police Remembrance Day

It's 30 years next April since Squad 7/86 moved in to the former Corpus Christi Monastery at Glen Waverley, home to the Victoria Police Academy.

Angela Taylor had not long graduated from the Academy when she was murdered in the 1986 Russell Street bomb planted by police-hating armed robbers.    Angela was brought back to the Academy for her funeral held in this beautiful chapel. 

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 5.52.23 pm

A few years later Steve Tynan and Damian Eyre would return in caskets to the Chapel where they were sworn-in.

Steve and Damian were at the Academy during our time, Steve graduating while we were training while Damien arrived just before we graduated.

I was only in the police for a few years - here are the Victoria Police members killed on duty during that short time.




Reg. No.





20 April 1986

Angela Rose Taylor




Car bomb detonated in front of Russell Street Police complex

27 Sep 1986

Maurice Daniel Moore

Senior Constable



Shot by offender

5 Apr 1987

Neil Francis Clinch




Shot whilst tackling an offender

14 May 1987

Peter Ross Smith

Senior Constable



Motorcycle ran off road and hit tree

9 Sep 1987

Russell James Thompson




Struck by vehicle whilst conducting routine vehicle check

12 Oct 1988

Damien Jeffrey Eyre

Probationary Constable



Ambushed and shot by offenders who had deliberately lured police to abandoned car for pre-meditated murders

12 Oct 1988

Steven John Tynan




Ambushed and shot by offenders who had deliberately lured police to abandoned car for pre-meditated murders

17 Nov 1988

Christopher Cameron Malone

Senior Constable



Police vehicle hit by train at railway level crossing

9 Apr 1989

Richard Noel Dufty

Senior Constable



Hit by motor vehicle whilst directing traffic

5 Aug 1989

Alan Geoffrey Dickens




Died in head-on collision between his police vehicle and another vehicle

12 Nov 1989

Trevor John Given




Collision whilst transporting donor heart for life-saving operation



I would also like to pay tribute to two great blokes, Gary Silk who I had the privilege of working with at Port Melbourne and Rod Miller who was good mates with a lot of our squad, killed by Bandali Debs and his armed robbery apprentice son in law while they were doing stick-ups on Chinese restaurants.  Gary and Rod went to work that night so people could go out to dinner without having shotguns stuck in their face.

I Remember

The 29th of September is National Police Remembrance Day. We remember those officers who have died in the line of duty.

Posted by Victoria Police on Monday, September 28, 2015

16 Aug 1998

Rodney James Miller

Senior Constable



Shot by offenders whilst investigating series of armed robberies

16 Aug 1998

Gary Michael Silk




Shot by offenders whilst investigating series of armed robberies

I've spent a lot of time on the phone today, to one good mate in particular.  Thank you J - and to D who had to live in the witness protection safe house with a recanting Wendy Pierce and T in the bomb truck around the corner that morning in South Yarra - always think of you today and 12 October.

To the members who visited Jed Houghton and Gary Abdallah and came home, thank you from a community that will never know what you did.   

Never forget Steve Tynan and Damien Eyre.

Victoria's Coroner delivered this Ruling  on the killings a little while back.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 6.10.53 pm

The police radio transmissions from that night tell the story of the job police do.

Thank you for your service.


Dumped FedGov chief business advisor Maurice Newman to Turnbull - focus on IR reform

Maurice Newman chaired the Federal Government's Business Advisory Council while Tony Abbott was PM.   The Council included BHP Billiton chairman ­Jacques Nasser, National Australia Bank chairman Michael ­Chaney, Grocon’s Daniel Grollo, Telstra chairwoman ­Catherine Livingstone, BlueScope chairman Graham Kraehe and former productivity chief Gary Banks.   As Mr Newman said,  "...people who are as busy as Jacques Nasser and ­Michael Chaney don’t turn up simply because they get a free lunch ...

“They turn up ­because they ­believe they are doing something in the national interest.”

Malcolm Turnbull will hold a gathering in Canberra on Thursday with unions, business and other groups to advise him about Australia's future prosperity.   For Australia to prosper, business has to prosper.  So Mr Turnbull's ideas about how to help business do that are critical.   Here's what he said yesterday:

“Our government is focused on the opportunities arising from technological disruption and in creating an environment for strong, innovative industries to grow,’’ Mr Turnbull said.

In leaving his role as the Government's chief business advisor, Mr Newman says the Turnbull Government should focus on helping business to prosper through:

  • industrial relations reform
  • taxation reform
  • red-tape repeal
  • reducing the size of government

Malcolm Turnbull's focus on technological disruption and innovation wouldn't have been high on the agenda for the practical, show-me-the-money Maurice Newman.   Kevin Rudd, however would have loved it.

Here's Annabel Hepworth's report in .The Australian today.

Maurice Newman a non-renewable resource for Malcolm Turnbull

“Clearly, the new Prime Minister’s views and mine differ in a number of areas,” he said.

Mr Newman, a former chairman of the ABC and the ASX, is an outspoken climate-change sceptic and had criticised the cost of the renewable energy target.

The future of the business ­advisory council is uncertain, as Mr Turnbull is yet to clarify whether he thinks he needs such a group.

Asked what Mr Turnbull would have to do to ensure the confidence of the business community, Mr Newman said he had to continue the red-tape repeal process pushed by Mr Abbott.

“He has to deal with industrial relations reform, he has to deal with taxation reform; they are major issues,” he said.

“He has to deal with the high cost of energy in this country ...

“I think we have to look at smaller government not bigger government.”

Here's a link to the AusGovBoards website showing most of the Council members will be gone in the next month or so - Maurice Newman has had the heave-ho already.


The Business Advisory Council is part of the Prime Minister and Cabinet portfolio, and functions in an advisory capacity.

The Council facilitates an ongoing dialogue between the Government and representatives of Australian business. The Council’s advice will help guide programmes and policies relating to the needs of both small and large businesses in Australia.

Current board appointments

PositionAppointeeGenderStart dateEnd date
Chairperson Vacant      
Other Dr Martin Parkinson PSM Male 16/12/2013  
Other Dr Ian Watt AO Male 16/12/2013  
Member Mr Michael Chaney AO Male 28/11/2013 28/11/2015
Member Mr Peter Fox AM Male 28/11/2013 28/11/2015
Member Mr Daniel Grollo  Male 28/11/2013 28/11/2015
Member Mr John Hart  Male 28/11/2013 28/11/2015
Member Mr Barry Irvin AM Male 28/11/2013 28/11/2015
Member Mr Graham Kraehe AO Male 28/11/2013 28/11/2015
Member Mr Solomon Lew  Male 28/11/2013 28/11/2015
Member Ms Catherine Livingstone AO Female 28/11/2013 28/11/2015
Member Mr Jacques Nasser  Male 28/11/2013 28/11/2015
Member Dr Jane Wilson  Female 04/12/2013 04/12/2015
Member Professor Gary Banks AO Male 28/11/2013 28/11/2015

First dividend for ACTU after Turnbull/Union unity ticket on Abbott

Read more at The Australian 


Malcolm Turnbull to harness unity for reform agenda

PM to meet business, union leaders

The Prime Minister has invited business, union and community leaders for two hours of direct talks at Parliament House on Thursday.

Invitations have been extended to Business Council of Australia president Catherine Livingstone and BCA chief executive Jennifer Westacott, Australian Council of Trade Unions secretary Dave ­Oliver............

Mr Turnbull is expected to be accompanied by....  Treasurer Scott Morrison, ­Fin­ance Minister Mathias Cormann, Assistant Treasurer Kelly O’Dwyer and Cabinet Secretary Arthur Sinodinos.

....the Prime Minister said: “Australia is a prosperous country with high wages, a high standard of living and a generous social welfare ­safety net. To secure and enhance our prosperity we must be more productive, competitive and ­innovative.’’

Mr Turnbull said he was looking forward to meeting the summit’s leaders “to hear the shared reform priorities of business, ­unions and the wider community’’.

“Our government is focused on the opportunities arising from technological disruption and in creating an environment for strong, innovative industries to grow,’’ Mr Turnbull said.

Mr Oliver confirmed he had been invited by Mr Turnbull and would attend the meeting on Thursday “on that same basis that we participated in the National Reform Summit’’.

Unions wanted to engage in a high-level dialogue “about the high road’’, but were not interested in discussing cutting penalty rates or minium rates of pay. They wanted to discuss the economy, the changing nature of work, the impact of technology and have a constructive dialogue with the government.

In December last year TURC Royal Commissioner Dyson Heydon AC QC handed his interim report to the Australian Government.   He said outlaw union bosses posed a "grave threat to the power and authority of the Australian state". 

Now we know much more about that threat and what it will do to Australia if we don't fight back.   Those technological innovations so lauded by our new PM mean it's not just an empty hearing room that's resonated the voices of people, witnesses to what rogue union bosses have been up to.   Nor is it just Commissioner Heydon who is privy to the truth.   Hundreds of thousands of us have watched and listened live and daily for nearly 2 years and we remember what we saw.  

World-class investigators told us about their technological disruptions to union-related crime.  The hitherto secret plans of outlaws hatched in email, coded texts, intercepted mobile phone calls, even muffled conversations in a Qantas Club have been faithfully captured and delivered with forensic continuity to Commissioner Heydon's hearing room - and to our homes.

So it's not just the Commissioner, it's  the people who have seen the live and chilling exposition of crime, hitmen, murder, gangsters, bribes - and a system of patronage involving rogue union bosses that has blatant disregard for the law or the orders of our courts.   

Until the ACTU admits our unions have a major, systemic problem at the top with criminals and corruption thriving in their senior ranks, it - the ACTU - is a part of the problem.   It should be isolated until all traces of its insidious infection have been identified, excised and rendered inert.   
The corruption-hosting ACTU is in denial.  It's a long way from admitting to the problem let alone helping to heal itself.   The words "grave threat" to Australia's authority, laws and justice system apparently mean nothing to the ACTU.   Or perhaps it's just that Australia mean less to the ACTU than the interests of outlaw union bosses.  
Rather than reacting like a patient told he has a treatable life-threatening cancer within, the ACTU's David Oliver is trying to discredit and destroy the physician whose team of forensic pathologists is inching towards the ACTU's cure.
Malcolm Turnbull says he won't wage war with the unions.   If he won't fight back, the rogues within the protective ACTU body are safe - because it refuses to seek help.  Mr Turnbull sounds like a policeman who won't take on armed robbers because it might cause trouble.  Or perhaps, like  Dave Oliver Malcolm too pretends not to see the problem.
The strong industries Mr Turnbull wants Australia to grow won't flourish if the first shoots are attacked by racketeers and corrupt cartel operators putting the bite on the best bits.
Commissioner Heydon's warning about the "Grave Theat to the Power and Authority of the Australian State" shouldn't need amplification.   Police commissioners don't invite organised crime figures to police strategic planning conferences.   Nor should the Australian Government invite the unreconstructed ACTU to help plan our future, at the least until the ACTU gets serious about its own rehabilitation.
On 20 August, 2015, less than one month ago, union bosses showed their hand with their strategy to counter the Abbott Government and its vigorous pursuit of outlaw union chiefs.  
Looks like its pay-back time.
Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 12.41.27 am