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ABC bans broadcast of Tony Abbott's speech at Literary Awards - culture apparently exclusive to The Left

Important, shocking story from the hyperactive Sharri Markson - published in The Weekend Australian today.

Hard to resist the idea that the ABC feared that if Abbott (an author) was heard, hearts hardened towards him may have softened just a bit.

ABC bans Tony Abbott — at his own literary awards

The ABC has used its editorial independence charter as a ­reason for refusing to broadcast live a literary speech by Tony Abbott — at the Prime Minister’s Literary Awards. 

The broadcaster was unwilling to air Mr Abbott’s speech at the awards, one of the nation’s richest literary events, and yet was happy to allow the prize-winning authors to speak live and unedited.

Australian Publishers Association president Louise Adler, the event’s organiser, has revealed that negotiations with the ABC broke down irreconcilably last year because the broadcaster was unwilling to show Mr ­Abbott’s speech.

“The ABC refused to broadcast the PM’s speech, which was going to be about seven minutes,” Ms Adler told The Weekend Australian.

“What was puzzling was the ABC’s willingness to broadcast unedited the prize-winning ­writers’ speeches but not the Prime Minister of the day.

“What if a writer had said something defamatory? One can’t but deduce that the national broadcaster was making a political judgment rather than an editorial judgment.”

The ABC’s stance stands in contrast to the corporation’s willingness to give convicted criminal and terrorist sympathiser Zaky Mallah a national platform on its Q&A show.