TURC hearing into CFMEU officials and their apparent destruction of evidence subject to TURC's Notices to Produce
Police covert listening device transcript here - Michael Smith editorial - CFMEU dumps 7 ton of documents after subpoena

In times of tumult it's easy to lose faith in the importance of our work here

10 days ago I wrote to you with as frank an account of my feelings as I could muster.   That was the day the Federal Court ruled that Craig Thomson did each unlawful thing alleged against him by  Fair Work's Terry Nassios in the days of Ms Gillard's wafer thin parliamentary majority.

The absence of any reaction to that news really shook what had been my unwavering belief that work we've done on this site was worth the effort.   Last week people close to me urged me to drop it - with well intentioned but very firm and unequivocal advice that "no one cares about that sort of stuff any more".

"That stuff" was on display today in the Royal Commission.   We heard from a union boss and his compliant wife whose house was magically constructed, much of it for free.   Just like the union boss Bruce Wilson whose de facto's house was magically renovated, much of it for free.   Free of charge to her, because the money came from the exotic slush fund she'd helped to establish.

It's very unsettling to see our institutions - the media, the political establishment, corporations and  associations like unions - respond with indifference to institutionalised corruption  - worse still by actively concealing it.

We shouldn't tolerate a system where either of the two major parties that form governments can select and endorse people with backgrounds like Thomson and his ilk, then when the inevitable truth outs, help to cover up the behaviour and downplay its significance.

So having told you of my doubts as to whether running this site is worthwhile, I owe you a response.

It's qualified on the basis of these 3 questions:

  • Is this period of my working life time-bound, does it have a logical finish?
  • Is this work on the right side of history, is it on the side of the angels?
  • Will being on the right side of history be worth it, delivering something beyond the pyrrhic?


Yes, yes and if we work hard enough, yes.   There's much to do but I hope you sense the renewed sense of worth in the chronicle we're creating.

I'll stick with it and I know that somehow, we'll find sufficient funding to get by.   If you care to help out, I'll be most grateful for your support.

Michael Smith

National Australia Bank

BSB: 084855 

Acct No: 537650476


PS - in line with the reducing income generated here I've cut my costs way beyond any reasonable sort of living - I'm not complaining about it, it's a conscious decision, but I mention it in the context of me asking for your support only when it's really needed!