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Independent. Always. Fairfax on Julie/Julia and partners at the United Nations

Exhibit One - Labor's Julia and partner at the UN.


Our 'first bloke' makes UN history

September 28, 2012
Phillip Coorey

Chief Political Correspondent

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Exhibit Two - Liberal's Julie and partner at the UN.


Why was Julie Bishop's boyfriend on the floor of the United Nations, asks Labor

September 29, 2015 - 2:42PM
Latika Bourke

National Political Reporter


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Hypocrisy thy name is "left MSM"!

Rob Greer

Be fair Michael, That's called perfectly balanced reporting. Labor, totally positive, Liberal, totally negative. Perfect balance


Long given up on Swastika Bourke.


That's a very good question. Liberal party has become as bad as labor, no worse.
I would have expected better from the Libs
Now we have that WWW (wicked witch of the West) shoving her snout in the UN trough
The same UN that is probably the most corrupt body in the Solar System
How quickly these politicians reveal their true colours
Oh, and yes, more women in parliament , NOT
What we need is a Guy Fawkes style clean-out ( ok that didn't end well) , and we must start over
Greed and corruption are endemic in Australia
You go Malcolm Turncoat, at least Abbott kept the witch at bay

Edward James

I thought the handbag Tim went off to live in a carravan somewhere? MSM like chooks scratching around for something in the scraps. Edward James from the Dolls House


Well she looks like she's got two hollow sockets where her eyes should be, so maybe he's there to do the seeing for her?


Like I said before, Fairfax can not be trusted.


So many partners Michael. Only takes a quick Google to find some of the Botox queens background.
Divorce in 1983 then Mr Lightfoot. Then Dr Peter Nattrass and Mr David Panton-----------till this present time maybe.
What we have here is a person not too sure of her standing. I believe this person want's her personal life kept separate. You have to be kidding me. Regards Michael.

Just Think

When Julia dies "the first bloke" could inherit the world. Well, a bit of the UN.


Interesting. Julia had a partner at the UN. Julie has a boyfriend at the UN. Does boyfriend sound more trashy than partner.
If only the journalist would get out of the gutter and start showing some respect to the Politicians and everyone in generat

Dee Dee

To put this in prospective Ms Bishop had a problem with it also.
In 2012 Julie Bishop said of Bob Carr and his wife’s travel arrangements, "It is not common practice for a Foreign Minister or a Secretary of State to travel with a spouse for the business part of a visit, I guess what's quite concerning is it is against the (Labor) Government's own ministerial guidelines. (pickering post)

We are all equal, but some or more equal than others. George Orwell Animal Farm.


Coorey's phrase: "... world headquarters" is a botherment, too.

Michelle Two

Introducing Mr Panton who thinks question time and the UN rather boring he has his eyes closed in both shots.. He is a property developer and a Tony Abbott in disguise with his fitness regime. I believe she is wanting to be the next revolving PM as she has been deputy long enough Turnbull should watch his back.. chaos will come.. You mentioned in the podcast how she has changed maybe Peta Credlin kept her out of the spotlight so she will now show her real soul and her intentions she would be one to watch, maybe she is much like Turnbull only she does have great restraint she is a strong and maybe over confident lady but very set in her ways.. I just drew the card Balance for her so she is very judgemental to those that don't believe what she does so someone is in her life that she holds great restraint from letting her feelings known, she will get that look on her face when she is holding herself back from what she really thinks, so when she can hold it in not longer the claws will come out or that famous death stare, she does this when not happy and has to listen to others beliefs that are not dear to her own heart.. Who ever this person is she shows harmony for her own sake now so she is balancing her emotions to keep the peace not sure how long she can keep it up by suppressing emotions for they don't like to be kept in your soul for to long as they start to show up in other ways like your health or your mental state, her own exercise routine probably alleviates that stress level for her somewhat but she has a demanding job and is very organised so a bit anal in her routine.. love and light xx
Julie Bishop has defended her action in taking her partner to join her on the floor of the United Nations General Assembly during high level talks.

Labor had questioned the Foreign Minister’s commitment to her diplomatic duties after she invited David Panton to join her.

Mr Panton, a property developer, was photographed sitting next to Ms Bishop in the Australian official delegation section during the leader meetings this week.

“I ensured that the UN protocol people were asked about this and I was informed that it was entirely appropriate and that there was no breach, “ said Ms Bishop.

It isn’t unusual for world leaders to bring their partners to the UN; the only difference this time is that the partner happens to be man.

Mr Panton has also been photographed with Ms Bishop at official dinners in New York.

Julie of Geelong

Re Julie Bishop and boyfriend!

This is sounding all too familiar!!!

Remember Juliar Goolard and Timmy the freeloading boyfriend/ hairdresser ripping off the Australian Tax Payer off with all the perks/freebies!!!!

Who do the people think they are????

Think Bishop needs to come down from her Ivory Tower - getting a bit to confident and cocky for me!!!!


So much more to come Michael. This person of interest has betrayed her leader. I have contacts in WA and the USA--------------we will see how all of this finishes with this person who treasures her private life. Regards.

Michelle Two

I'm thinking David Panton is from the social elite crowd that Malcom Turnbull hangs around he may of even introduced them the 3 arrived at a fundraiser after the first coup attempt in Feb 2015.. The second attempt coup must of had to happen before the current UN gabfeat as they must of had a timing event for opportunists to take over..

He has recently moved to Sydney and is into property development I wonder if Malcom is involved in that??? hmm!!


Great post, great sentiments, Gungit !

Many of us have the same dream. But were we to voice it, we'd find ourselves on the 'tewwowist' lists

Guy Fawkes indeed !


Chortle :) :) :)

(two hollow sockets tee hee)

Skel e tor

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