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Jeremy Corbyn's plans for peace in our time

 Here's The Australian's editorial today:

Unilateral nuclear disarmament, abandoning NATO, refusing to bomb Islamic State, bigger government, more spending, printing money, hiking up business and personal taxes, rent controls on landlords, open borders, scrapping university fees, extra welfare handouts and renationalising energy companies, railways and much else.

While professing a desire for a “fairer’’ socialist state, Britain’s newly elected Opposition Leader Jeremy Corbyn has a platform that would see a return to the penury and despair of the 1978-79 Winter of Discontent that took years of Thatcherite reforms to reverse. Belting out The Red Flag after his victory, Mr Corbyn, 66, looked and sounded like what he is — an unreconstructed Trotskyite. The best that can be said of him is that he is highly unlikely to lead Labour back to power. That might be some comfort to his colleagues who regard him as a bad joke, especially the shadow cabinet ministers who are refusing to serve on his frontbench. But it will disappoint his friends, such as Hamas, Hezbollah, Sinn Fein, Russia, Iran and the British Communist Party, which all welcomed his victory. Mr Corbyn’s thumping win over more moderate leadership aspirants is bad for Britain, for the Labour Party and for the labour movement. If he had any real hope of becoming prime minister it would be disastrous for the West.

That's Jeremy with his policy formulation team celebrating his win.

His biggest policy promise is not to replace the UK's nuclear missiles.  He'll use the savings in his "Peace and Defence Diversification" plan to create new jobs and economic prosperity for all.  It's fool-proof.   If the UK doesn't fight back, there'll be no fights and the invasions will be peaceful.

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Click here for the policy

He has some other beauties:

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There are heaps more but it's too depressingly close to the Labor mantra here.  

To paraphrase the late Gough, well might the poms sing God Save the Queen, because with this bloke in charge, nothing will save her Kingdon.