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Malcolm Turnbull on ABC 730 last night - "we won't be waging war with the unions

Might be some fertile ground for police down Cornubia way

SteveJ thinks much the same way as many of my old copper mates do.

He notes:

Maybe it would pay to have a look around Hanna’s property.

Might find some interesting things buried there.



.18/09/2015 CFMEU QLD D A HANNA (Ms McNaughton)



Q. And I'm just looking at larger payments here. There's

a loan repayment of $4,400 or so on 21 May?

A. Mmm-hmm.

Q. There's a home loan payment on 22 May of $100,000,

this being the year of 2012?

A. Yes.

Q. Where was that home loan payment of those amounts

going to? Was that to the Cornubia property?

A. Yes.

Q. Is that the only home loan that you had at that time?

A. That I had, yes.

Q. Are you indicating that - when you said "That I had",

did your wife have other property?

A. My wife has an investment property.

Q. Do any of the payments for that property come out of

this account?

A. No.

Q. On 28 May, do you see there is a debit of $12,000 to

it says "bobcat"?

A. Yes.

Q. What was that in relation to?

A. It wasn't a bobcat. I actually bought a backhoe.

Q. A backhoe?

A. Backhoe - that's just a bigger version of a bobcat.

Q. A bigger version of a bobcat?

A. Bobcat. It's a front-end loader with the digger on

the back.

Q. Did you operate that yourself?

A. Yes, I did.

Q. Then there is a home loan payment on 29 May of


A. Yes.

Q. That's still coming out, it would appear, of the sale

of your Loganholme property?

A. Yes.