Federal Division of Canning formally declared last night
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Mining jobs pay big $$ that get spent here - like a supporting wall in our economic house, remove mining jobs and...........

This is the result The Greens and their leftoid Labor mates wanted.

Their carbon tax, mining tax, green-tape regulations and lawfare against mines were designed to achieve exactly this.

Mining jobs are a lead indicator of domestic consumption and spending.   Those jobs pay disproportionately huge money into the hands of disproportionately young people (blokes) who spend it. Take away mining jobs and the economy will suffer disproportionate damage.

Jobs in mining support jobs in retail, restaurants, cars, accommodation, house-sales, construction, legal - start to think about it a bit and you'll see this is very bad news for all of us.

Except The Greens, the ABC and their socialist Australia-hating comrades.