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TURC hears Mirvac exec Vieusseux mastermind of CFMEU fraud - Mirvac tells ASX he was whistleblower

Mirvac issued this continuous disclosure statement to the ASX today.

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Jason Viesseux was mentioned more than 50 times in evidence from former Mirvac Queensland senior executive Adam Moore to the TURC today.

Moore alleges Viesseux gave directions that Mirvac payments to the CFMEU should continue but be concealed by  encouraging sub-contractors to make the payments and to issue false invoices to Mirvac for reimbursement.   The Commission  heard evidence those false invoices were approved by Mirvac executives and Mirvac made the payments.

Here are a few extracts of evidence alleging VIESSEUX's directions regarding the alleged fraud.

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Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 6.37.01 pm

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There are many more references to Mr Viesseux in the transcript - the ASX may well have a query to Mirvac in relation to its continuous disclosure today which tells the ASX  it was Mr Viesseux who raised the concerns resulting in the termination/departure of two employees.

Mr Moore may have some troubles ahead too if this sworn evidence turns out to be untruthful.

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