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Murder, bashings, corruption. What happens next is up to you. The Union Corruption Commission and its unfinished work

We need your help.

CLICK ON THE PLAY BUTTON in the Audioboo below to hear Jason Morrison and Michael Smith on what happens next for outlaw union bosses.


As you listen scroll through a couple of reports on the Commission's hearings.

3 October 2014 hearing - CFMEU NSW Secretary Brian Parker phone recording "I'll bash him, I'll put him in hospital........(when) I unleash I won't stop"

18 June 2015 hearing - CFMEU NSW Secretary Brian Parker intimate "luv ya Sparkles" phone intercepts with underworld figure George Alex


What happens next is up to you.  


What do you want?

A The Commission should be wound up in December, its records archived and put into storage; or,

B. The Commission's unfinished work cleaning up crime and corruption should continue until the job is done.

You can help the government to make that decision.

The PM Mr Turnbull is new to the job.  

So is the Employment Minister Senator Michaela Cash.

Let them know how you feel - in your words.   It will take a minute or two.

Make a decision to do something about it now.

You can help by passing this message on to your friends too.

Do it now.  Do it for Australia.  For our future.

Get in touch with the Prime Minister:





Get in touch with the Employment Minister




Tell them what you've seen and heard through the Royal Commission.   Let the decision makers know how you feel.

And please thank the people who are doing the work at the Heydon Royal Commission - the TURC.

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 1800 221 245

No pro-forma letters, no petitions to sign, just a personal note from you to PM Turnbull, Minister Cash or the people at the TURC.

Thank you.

Here's Stu of NT