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Nutty academic says Tony Abbott similar to Islamic State

...and, of course it was on OUR ABC ... 

This is Dr Norman Abjorensen who is a an ABC favourite from ANU - apparently an expert on public policy .... and a former national editor of the Sydney Morning Herald.

"The least distinguished Prime Minister Australia has ever had ... when you scratch the surface with Tony Abbott you find a constant war with modernity ... in some ways a characteristic he shares with Islamic State"

He was speaking to Andrew West on Radio National link to full interview here if you can gut it.

Clip from Chris Smith Show on 2GB. 


Reader AC says


Hi Michael,

 I had a chuckle when I read about the good Doctor Norman Abjorensen.

 Back in the day he was an ABC journalist in Melbourne. His name then was Norman Thompson.

 Then along came multiculturalism. Norm obviously did a bit of digging and discovered he had Norwegian roots. Lo and behold plain old Norm Thompson became Norman Abjorensen and the rest, as they say, is history!

 I was a contemporary in the ABC newsroom at the time.

 Keep up the good work.



Thanks AC - just for Fact Check purposes I did a quick search, here's the Obituary for Mr Thompson's sister the late Shirley THOMPSON, sister guessed it!

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 1.08.03 pm