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TURC to hear past CFMEU boss - concerns arose "when people started getting shot"

CFMEU Witness List 2015

1 October – 2 October (Sydney)

A hearing of the Royal Commission is scheduled to take place on Level 19, 55 Market St, Sydney between 10:00am and 4:00pm.

The witness list (in alphabetical order) is:

  • Brian Parker - CFMEU State Secretary NSW
  • Yulei Zhou  - CFMEU paid Organiser (Construction, Gyprock) - Sydney and South Sydney 


6 October (Sydney)

  • Michael Deegan - former project director Thiess Epping to Chatswood Rail Link Project 
  • Peter McClelland - former President, CFMEU, NSW

7 October – 9 October (Sydney)

  • Dean Hall
  • John Lomax

Mr Hall and Mr Lomax should be well known to us all from the ACT CFMEU hearings and the bail book at the ACT Watch-house.


Peter McLelland was summonsed to give evidence about George Alex, Darren Greenfield and the Alex companies at a Private Hearing of the Commission in August, 2014.

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