Magnificent Lateline last night on the ABC - open calls for an end to Islamism and a Muslim Reformation
Trade Union Corruption hearing into Victoria branch of the CFMEU starts 10AM today

ACTU memorabilia collectors - a Bruce Wilson & Bill Kelty meeting record could be worth something.

On 13 July 2014 his enigmatic little exchange took place between Jeremy Stoljar andt Bruce Wilson.

They're talking about the morning of 4 February 1993.    Wilson says he drove Ms Gillard to work then went to pick up Ralph Blewitt.   Between dropping Ms Gillard off and returning with Ralph, the Power of Attorney was prepared and was ready to be signed, sealed and delivered in front of Ms Gillard (or so the approved narrative goes).

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 4.16.51 am

Anyone have any insight or access to ACTU records that might show who was at ACTU gatherings in Melbourne that day?