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ICAC Inspector's report on this website's reach and Megan Latham's pulling the wings off butterflies video

On 21 April this year The Australian published an artilcle entitled "ICAC can be a lot of fun: Latham'.

That story was based on the video we published after The Australian's story had run.  A source had provided me with what the source said was the only copy of the now notorious clip and asked that we publish it on this site.   And so we did.


I didn't make a big deal of it but I knew we had the only published copy of the video on our website then.   I've just checked today and that's still the case so far as I can find on youtube - the only copy published is the one published by me.   My source dealt with me on condition of confidentiality knowing I would respect that agreement come what may.

This morning I read the Annual Report from the Inspector of the ICAC the Hon David Levine AO RFD QC.   Our youtube video features extensively in it.   The Inspector has published some of the various pieces of correspondence he's received on the Wing-Pul performance.  We even get a glimpse at his Please Explain addressed to Ms Wing-Pul herself.

In her response Wing-Pul reveals that she must be the only person in Sydney's legal fraternity who's not viewed the actual Exhibit.   She wrote back to Inspector Gadget saying she wasn't referring to the ICAC when she exposed her leisure time pursuits.   All Wing had to do was come to this site and she could have heard herself for herself!   Everyone else has.

Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 7.15.38 am

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Why read all that when you can watch this?  I challenge you to  find words that describe the correct hand positioning for the classic Bogong Moth wing work in quite the same way as Wing-Pul pulls off in this video masterclass.

Up until this morning, you can only find Wing-Pul's extraction-replay at one place www.michaelsmithnews.com and our associated youtube channel.

Read all about it if you like - or see the source material for yourself here.   Thanks for the plug Inspector.

PS - it's not worth hitting the grog about Geoffrey!   There are worse jobs than pulling the wings off butterflies at your boss's direction.   You could have been born Jeremy!

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