Former CFMEU official Andrew Quirk's Affidavit on George Alex, Michael O'Connor, Parker, Shorten and more published here
Police raid Gillard;s former office "The ABC was aware that an alleged raid had occurred. However, we were unable to confirm it had happened and therefore, we did not report it."

Police raid several properties associated with Kathy Jackson and Michael Lawler in Wombarra near Wollongong today

Here's the Fairfax report quoting statements from Victoria Police, New South Wales Police and the AFP involve in operation Heracles investigating corrupt union bosses.

Police raid home of former union official Kathy Jackson

October 7, 2015 - 3:38PM
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Kate McIlwain and Andrew PearsonPolice have raided the Wombarra home of Kathy Jackson.

Police have raided the Wombarra home of Kathy Jackson.

A major police operation is under way at disgraced ex-union official Kathy Jackson's Illawarra home.

On Wednesday afternoon, plain clothes police were seen sifting through a large amount of items at the Wombarra property owned by the former Health Services Union boss.

Wearing gloves, they removed items from the house as well as from a shipping container in the back yard and placed items in brown evidence bags.

Kathy Jackson has been a target of a police taskforce for several months. 

A spokeswoman from Victoria Police, the lead agency on the operation, said the raid was part of the ongoing taskforce Heracles, which was formed to investigate union corruption in conjunction with the Australian Federal Police.

"Detectives from that joint taskforce have executed warrants north of Wollongong this morning, with the assistance of NSW Police," she said.

"The warrants were executed at Wombarra and relate to a Victorian investigation.

"As it's ongoing, we're not going to be providing further comment."

A NSW Police spokeswoman said the state agency was "assisting detectives from Victoria and the AFP with an operation".

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Fairfax's Ben Schneiders,  Royce Millar, Nick McKenzie and News Ltd's Brad Norington have led the way with reporting on the mater of Jackson and Lawler.   Well done to all of those journalists for pursuing the truth that was so well hidden for so many years.

The ABC is all over the story of the police raid on Jackson/Lawler today.  

The story is leading on many of the ABC's news platforms - within minutes of the raid taking place.

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