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Serious about tackling global warming? Everything else we do is just background noise for the nation's main game - new Greens leader di Natale

Greens leader Senator Richard Di Natale gave today's National Press Club Address in Canberra.

He's not out there like Bob or Christine. He's worse.  

He sounds suave and savvy but listen to his big idea and he's frightening.

Meaner than Milne.   Scarier than Sarah.    

"Unless we get serious about global warming everything else is just background noise."

Everything else.   Background noise.   Until we get serious about trying to control the climate.

That means money. Tax.  New projects.  And a massive transfer of wealth from productive countries to those yet to "develop".

How much money?  Until The Greens are satisfied.

It also means no dissent - deniers are not serious about tackling global warming and until they are - well you heard him.   Background noise.

Journalist Karen Barlow for The Huffington Post quoted the Senator live.  He apparently said "everything else" twice, just to make sure.

Ben Cronly had the quote as it was spoken.

And Greens Senator Rachel Siewert made it official immediately:

And off it went on its social media way to the approval of the "seemers" of the Left.

You and I can't control the climate.  "Getting serious" about global warming means agreeing with The Greens that we should try.  

More money for dumb ideas, more laws, more controls,more government and more new things endorsed by The Greens and "climate change/carbon pollution/global warming" labels.   Paid for by us.

And that' s just the upside - the getting serious about tackling warming bit.

What a hide Dr di Natale had in describing everything, yes everything other than his stuff as "background noise". Everything besides The Greens pet religion is just so irrelevant.

He's patting us on the head, run along now children.  The arrogance!   Like he's gifted with the unique smarts - if you don't see it his way it's because you're thick.  

Lots of people are suffering today from background noise like cancer, diabetes, ISIS head-lopping, crucifixion and other innovations in cruelty.   Jobs are hard to find and people are hurting in so many ways.

Others are building wealth, making music, designing buildings and building beautiful things.   More background noise - until they get serious about doing what The Greens want.

The foot-stampers at The Greens will get everyone's serious support or else.  That's the message.

Dr di Natale can say what he likes now - he owns that background noise insult and the threat - unless you get serious about the things he's serious about.

Mean.   Heartless.  Unthinking.   Selfish.

Maybe coining the phrase has created a bit of value, background noise sounds just about the perfect place for The Greens and their dreadful plans for people.

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