Senior Counsel Assisting the Royal Commission's serious error about the Law regarding Auctions and the Sale of Land Act, Victoria
Trade Union Royal Commission hearing into the house Mirvac and others built for Dave Hanna - live

TURC witness list for National Union of Workers (as opposed to rest of us?) next week

National Union of Workers, New South Wales (NUW)

A hearing of the Royal Commission is scheduled to take place on Level 19, 55 Market Street, Sydney, New South Wales, 2000, between 4 and 6 November 2015.

The witness list (in alphabetical order) is:

Commencing 4 November 2015 (Sydney)

  • Darack (Derrick) Belan
  • Nicklouse Belan
  • Ian Dalziel
  • Paul Gibson
  • Michelle Holweg
  • Michael Hudson
  • Lincoln Hudson
  • Marilyn Issanchon
  • Greg Jenkins
  • Wayne Meaney
  • Bruno Mendonca
  • Terry McQuillan
  • Charlie Morgan
  • Danielle O’Brien
  • Anthony O’Donnell
  • Mark Ptolemy
  • Paul Rixon
  • Ross Shrimpton

Please note, this list may be subject to change.