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Two scenarios for the TURC on Ralph Blewitt's Power of Attorney - which one do you prefer?

Here's Steve J

Stoljar had some information that Wilson attended an ACTU meeting that day!
Presumably it was at a time that would have allowed Wilson to drop Blewitt off at the airport or it could have been expected that he would have challenged Wilsons' story immediately.

Wilsons' story is important because it provides the only explanation for how Gillard witnessed the POA properly on February 4th.
She does not recall the how, what or when, of how it happened. "No speaka de English".
Best to say nothing when you are on shaky ground!
They had until February 13th to organise the POA.
Does she prepare it and send it over to Blewitt in Perth for signature and witnessing? No!
Does she tell him to get a local Solicitor to prepare it and send it to Melbourne? No!
Does she think that this can be done very quickly using the DX available to Solicitors? Apparently never crossed her mind.
Instead she decides that is what they need to do at a Thai Restaurant the previous night.
Spends the night with Wilson and he drops her into the Office early the next morning(wonder what the makeup looked like that morning) so she can whip up the Document quickly while he goes around to Blewitts hotel to pick him up and take him back to JEG.
While Blewitt races upstairs to get it signed, all proper like, Wilson waits in the car downstairs from the CBD office of S&G.
Stoljar should have asked whether he kept the engine running.
Wilson then drives Blewitt out to Tullamarine to catch his flight to Perth.
All makes perfect sense for people who are clearly interested in observing all the legal niceties and have demonstrated that in all their dealings.
And they all lived happily ever after.....


And here's the standard clause from the contract of sale at auction of 85 Kerr Stret Fitzroy and exhibited by tie TURC here.

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