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Why did Bruce Wilson refer the WA Corporate Affairs Department to Ms Gillard if she thought she was incorporating an election fund?

Why would Bruce Wilson tell the WA Corporate Affairs Department to deal directly with Julia Gillard on its objections to incorporating the AWU WRA Inc?

Wilson wanted a separate legal entity from the AWU to receive money from the Dawesville Channel project.

Gillard says she didn't know that.   She thought she was just setting up a payroll deduction election fund.  If she's telling the truth about that, then she'd have been just as likely to tell the WA Corporate Affairs Department the Association was truly a slush fund to pay for Bruce's election expenses.   Thiess would have been thrilled.

So why on earth would Wilson put the corporate affairs department in direct contact with Ms Gillard?    He was deceiving her wasn't he?   She says she didn't know what he was really up to?   How could he take that sort of risk??????????

(taken from his statement sworn at the TURC).

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Mr Stoljar followed up on that evidence when Mr Wilson was in the witness box.

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We know Ms Gillard was in Perth/Kalgoorlie at the time.   We know she wrote the 13 May 1992 letter vouching for the association and urging its incorporation.

And we know that she wrote to Ralph Blewitt inciting him to write on "association letterhead" to the Corporate Affairs department - at a time when no such incorporated or unincorporated association existed.

The documents and travel favour Wilson's account.   The observable  behaviours favour Wilson's account.   Nothing support's Gillard's account that she had no idea about the real purpose of the AWU WRA Incorporated.