Interview, Ralph Blewitt - new evidence on Julia Gillard's involvement in AWU WRA Inc Fraud
A tale of credibility over the S&G mortgage. You be the judge.

Correspondence between Slater and Gordon and Ralph Blewitt and his legal representatives

Subject: Confidential & Privileged
Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2012 06:22:38 +0000

Dear Mr Blewitt.


I write in relation to the conveyance conducted by former lawyers at this firm in the mid 1990's concerning the property you purchased at 1/85 Kerr Street Fitzroy.


On 5 August 1996, by correspondence you advised Slater & Gordon in response to a subpoena for that file that you wished to maintain privilege over that file and that it not be released. This followed clear instructions from you previously by telephone on 4 August 1996 that you did not waive privilege over the file. In recent times it is apparent that you have made public statements to the effect that you wish to now publicly air information concerning these matters. You may be aware that this firm has also expressed a desire to defend its reputation concerning those matters following some false accusations made against the firm and its former partners.


We would be grateful if you could indicate in writing that you no longer maintain privilege over that file and that we may speak freely in response to allegations that have been raised. We are currently reviewing files from that period following those allegations and there is a probability that I will need to further communicate with you concerning waiver of privilege over other files conducted by the firm when you held elected positions in the AWU (Western Australia) branch.


In doing so despite information that you are represented by lawyers, none of those lawyers now indicate that they act for you. If you do have lawyers please advise us of who we should correspond with on your behalf. If you have not engaged lawyers we strongly advise you to seek independent legal advice on these matters before responding to this correspondence.


Yours faithfully,

Andrew Grech

Managing Director


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