Need your help please
Spanky Banky, KRudd, Chairman Mal and the girls know how to PARTY at a UN Climate Change Conference!!!!

Don't Muslim mums say "Just because Mohammed smacks his head for hours doesn't mean you have to too"


Thanks to reader Harve, a master class in the art.



Fanatics.   Sadly no Noble Prize for whacking yourself in the head, otherwise Muslims would have scored one or two by now.

Monty Python distilled the essence of 'being hit on the head day'  in this magnificent contribution to man's ability to hit himself on the head in this sketch - a little after 4 minutes in.



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Some wise words from "Chiefio" in America. Couldn't have said it better myself.

Michelle Two

Good morning xx I don't know what that parade of smack in head was about but look at all that male energy.. I had to google Ashura to find out what this was about.. The human has been so barbaric in past centuries, some souls have evolved past that barbarity others will have to come to the realization that the energy is changing and with it so do the fear based practices that are no longer necessary in the name of humanity.. the battles will continue until souls wake up to that fact and bring about changes in their actions..
This day is celebrated by Sunni Muslims (who refer to it as The Day of Atonement) as the day on which the Israelites were freed from the Pharaoh (called 'Firaun' in Arabic) of Egypt. However, Shi'a Muslims reject these stories and maintain that Ashura is a day of great sorrow due to the tragic events of Karbala.

It is commemorated by Shi'a Muslims as a day of mourning for the martyrdom of Husayn ibn Ali, the grandson of Muhammad at the Battle of Karbala on 10 Muharram in the year 61 AH ( in AHt: October 10, 680 CE). The massacre of Husayn with a small group of his companions and family members had great impact on the religious conscience of Muslims. Especially Shia Muslims have ever remembered it with sorrow and passion.[6] Mourning for Husayn and his companions began almost immediately after the Battle of Karbala, by his survivor relatives and supporters. Popular elegies were made by poets to commemorate Battle of Karbala during Umayyads and Abbasids era. The earliest public mourning rituals happened in 963 CE during Buyid dynasty.[7] Nowadays, in some countries such as Afghanistan,[8] Iran,[9] Iraq,[10] Lebanon,[11] Bahrain,[12] and Pakistan,[13] the Commemoration of Husayn ibn Ali has become a national holiday and most ethnic and religious communities participate in it.[14][15] In India, Ashura (10th day in the month of Muharram) is commemorated and is a public holiday due to the presence of a significant Indian Shia Muslim population (2-3% of total population, 20-25% of Indian Muslim population).

I was just looking at some of the images of the Ashura there are plenty on the net but look at the terrified look on this babies face..

Have a great day and don't forget to take breaks and time out from the computer through the day. I am out for the day so I had better get a move on catch you later.. love always xx


Please read harry Richardson's book The Story of Mohammed: Islam Unveiled. He explains the rise of Mohammed and that Muslims are taught that Mohammed was perfect (because he said so). And if Mohammed smacked his head for hours on end, billions of Muslims would do the same.

Muslim mums will NEVER say "Just because Mohammed smacks his head for hours doesn't mean you have to too". They are more likely to say "Mohammed smacked his head for hours so you must do that too".

If we are to EVER beat the threat of Islam, we need to understand Islam and how they think. We must also stop thinking of Muslims using Western logic. It might seem logical to us, but that does not mean it does to others and that will be our downfall. (It's actually arrogant of us to think that Middle Easterners would think in a Western way).

PLEASE, I implore you, read the book. It is available for FREE at It is truth, based on academic research, but written so that we can understand. Then when you are finished send it to every MP, senator and councillor you can think of. It is becoming more and more urgent that we do.


Google Ashura, select the "images" tab and prepare to be gobsmacked. Just plain nuts!!

shaun k

The 'beat to death dance'.Feel the pain,Wail first,Die later.


I'd add "Understanding Mohammad and Muslims" by Ali Sina - he's an Iranian, who renounced Islam and has a website "Faith Freedom International."

Why are there no freedom of speech and no true democracy on any Islamic country? Why do they abuse and treat their women as objects? Why do all Muslim countries have abysmal human rights records? Why do they riot and murder people over the silliest of matters? What drives so many Muslims to terrorism? Why are they constantly at war with everyone, and each other?

Do what I do - buy three copies of any good book on Islam. One for yourself, one to be passed around your mates, and a third to the shelves of your local lending library. You are right, it is becoming urgent. Learn all you can about Islam - I'm convinced it's a religion with no place in a modern, democratic, secular society like ours.

Old Rooster 📢🐓

"Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius - Kill them all for the Lord knoweth them that are His" Some days I just can't keep a lid on my inner Albigensian Crusader, sorry.

Michelle Two

But a lot do think like Westerners in the extremist group because that is where they are pulled from and it has been in the west where they grew up so they have two worlds in their minds and one they know how to conquer.. This is why they recruit these soldiers to do the suicide bombing and carrying out acts like shootings and what happened in Paris those people in that group were into drugs and partying and living like a westerner whilst also carrying out the Islamic cause.. there are many facets to this war and it will come from many fronts..

Michelle Two

Another example of recruiting those that have lived in the West so do know of the weaknesses and how we think..From this morning paper.. This again is a war of many fronts and has much complexity to it, soul by soul they want to take over and use the darkness of fear to achieve that what ever the belief system you have they want to challenge it and bring you down to a different level.. They use force against their own faith as well so it is more than just Islam that they are challenging by using it as their mantra, it will challenge the soul of every Muslim or one who practices Islam for all souls are different it will be freewill that sets them apart and what it is they believe in religiously and other factions that guide and govern a human soul..
A group of dual citizens from Sydney’s west has given up university and luxury cars to join Islamic State in recent months, and one has celebrated the Paris attacks from the conflict zone.

At least three men who claimed to have recently lived in Australia have joined Lebanese nationals to form what appears to be a tight-knit unit of fighters who have fought in Iraq and Syria since entering the conflict.

They remain in contact with young men in Sydney, who have been encouraging the fighters. At least one has expressed a desire to enter the conflict himself.

Another young man has also expressed hope that “kaffir” would be killed in Australia.

The men use multiple encrypted chat applications — a shift that, as revealed in The Weekend Australian on Saturday, has forced police to return to back-to-basics intelligence gathering in some cases to overcome the challenge of intercepting and decrypting online communications.

Unlike many Australian fighters who have joined the conflict — including Australia’s most ­senior Islamic State recruiter, Neil Prakash — the men are fluent Arabic speakers and appear to have spent time in the Middle East. One, Mohamad Kassab, has remained in contact with relatives in Australia since joining the terror group and claimed earlier this year to have attended an Australian university.

The identities of two other Australians fighting as part of the group could not be immediately established, but it is believed they both joined Islamic State about six months ago.


I'm waiting for some "progressive" luvvie to make a film called The Life of Ahmed. It of course wouldn't have anything to do with the Big Moh and would be a sure fire winner with tolerant muslims. Of course unlike the tolerant and well-meaning Christians who protested "The Life of Brian" but did nothing violent or hurt anybody, there will be beheadings, rapes and destruction of property from the religion of cutting people to pieces because that is their normal and just as good as our cultural ways. Their culture which just enriches ours in so many ways, eg the expansion of Centrelink, de facto polygamy, the halal tax and a Navy captain who is no doubt going to appear in the Australia Day Honours list and is being groomed (sic) for either Governor or GG because she is all about diversity and making things so much better. What about an atheist Navy captain being appointed to do the same thing?


He attended university as what? Garbage collector, cleaner, security guard?

Michael (Tango Delta Alpha)

Muslim mums … are more likely to say "Mohammed smacked his head for hours so you must do that too".

They need time to catch up to the Christian world, where we wisely ignore it when our religious leader says stupid things (e.g. “You have heard that it was said you shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy but I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you ...” Math 5:43-44).

Real men like Tony Abbott don’t even accept the first bit about loving your neighbor (let alone the ridiculous enemy-hugging command). As Tones explained in his Margaret Thatcher speech “the imperative to love your neighbor as you love yourself … right now … is leading much of Europe into catastrophic error”. You don’t see us rioting when Tony Abbott bad mouths Jesus, do you?

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