Great move to integrate Muslim Turkey into NATO - drag Russia into fight with NATO
Wilson didn't leave the AWU because he was sprung soliciting improper payments.

Hizb ut-Tahrir Australia's spiritual leader Sheikh Ismail al-Wahwah on Russia and global war to rid the world of democracy

WahWah speaks of Russia and a new world war centre on Ghouta - the site of horrible chemical weapon (gas) attacks, photos here if you can stomach it.



And while we're at it - this sermon was given a couple of months ago by a Sheikh from the nation that heads up the United Nations Human Rights Council, Saudi Arabia.


This little girl has the message from the sermons in Palestine "I want to stab a Jew".


This video shows the murderer Ahlam Tamimi who helped to kill 15 Jewish people in a suicide bombing - or as she calls it a Martyrdom Operation.


Fast forward to the present day and this children's television show in Palestine praises the "young heroes" who seek martyrdom killing Jews.   Shameful.


And this freak from Qatar, home to the 2022 Soccer World Cup explains how we are ignorant of Allah's law which tells us wives must be beaten - he says Muslims should not be ashamed of beating their wives because Allah's law beats the laws we invented down here on earth.