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The 2nd largest military contribution in the fight against ISIS is led by this man. He has ANFI

Thank God history delivered Churchill not Turnbull to deal with the Nazis.

"The key to the resolution of this discord between the Jewish peoples in all their manifestations and the peoples of the Schutzstaffel ies in creating a new Modus Vivendi as between these disparate groups.   Like anyone, I have been moved by the images of Jews being gassed and cremated, particularly the cute children,  however there is no use in name-calling.   The Waffen SS is weak compared to the forces arrayed against them and we must all learn to work together to develop this solution, if you will the new Malcolm Modus Vivendi.  Now the important thing to remember here is that I have registered the hashtag Malcolm-Modus-Vivendi, so please make sure that there is attribution to me and let me know if anyone else uses Modus Vivendi please, thanks........"

Malcolm you should be asked to resign.   One side in this battle with the Islamists will win.   One side will lose.

If you had honour you would resign - but you don't so we have to deal with you as you are.  

You have absolutely no f*cking idea old mate.   Watch a few videos of head loppings followed by video of your waffle in response.

To the rest of the world, particularly the victims of ISIS, know that this is the leader of the second largest global military contribution to the fight against the barbarians.   Listen to him tell you all about his "Absolutely No Flaming Idea" strategy to deliver you from hell.

The date of this exposition of incompetence is 24 November, 2015.   A date that should live in jumping the shark infamy.


The ABC's environment reporter Sara Philips labels Paris Climate Conference "a party"

She's right, but it still comes as a surprise to see the ABC publish it:

the media, never one to miss a party, attend in their thousands.

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 10.32.56 am

Who will be in Paris?


Who won't? Global leaders, presidents and prime ministers will lead delegations of diplomats and public servants. They will hash out the details of the new treaty text.

Observer groups will be allowed to monitor the talks, staying alert to anything untoward and making helpful suggestions, if asked.

In addition, lobby groups will stalk the halls trying to button-hole delegates with persuasive argument. Business people, attracted by the potential opportunities, fly in from all over. Despite their activities being curtailed by heightened terrorism concerns, protesters will find a way to make some colour and noise outside the conference hall. And the media, never one to miss a party, attend in their thousands.

This time we mean it, Paris, last chance on climate - plus list back to 2001 of "last chance" conference

Here is the ABC Radio News from Brisbane one warming morning in December 2009 in the lead-up to the Copenhagen Last Chance Conference

Followed by ABC AM program warning of climate change earthquakes.   Yes, earthquakes.

Then there's this list from Climate Depot of the other last chance conferences.


Last chance! – Bonn, 2001 – A Global Warming Treaty’s Last Chance. That teetering edifice that is the Kyoto Protocol gets some emergency repair work this week as delegates from 180 countries gather in Bonn to work out problems that threaten to scuttle the deal altogether. – Time Magazine, 16 Jul 2001

Last chance! – Montreal, 2005 – In an open letter to delegates at the Montreal environmental summit, beginning today, campaigner Mark Lynas explains why action on climate change can no longer be stalled. “I’m scared. For 15 years I’ve watched international progress on climate change get slower and slower, even while the pace of global warming seems to get ever more rapid. With time running out for the global climate, your meeting in Montreal represents a last chance for action.” – The Independent, 28 Nov 2005

Last chance! – Bali, 2007 – World leaders will converge on Bali today for the start of negotiations which experts say could be the last chance to save the Earth from catastrophic climate change. Bali could be the last chance to avoid the worst effect of global warming, said Tony Juniper, executive director of Friends of the Earth. – The New Zealand Herald, 3 Dec 2007

2007: Philip Clapp, head of the Washington-based National Environment Trust, says: “Fifteen years of international negotiations have not yet produced a comprehensive agreement that will get developed countries to begin serious reductions.”He adds: “The framework for such an agreement must come out of the Bali meeting. The scientists are telling us that this is the world’s last shot at avoiding the worst consequences of global warming.” – The Independent, 2 Dec 2007

Last chance! – Poznan, Poland, 2008 – The world will “suicide” if it cannot strike a strong climate pact soon, Australian environmental scientist Tim Flannery has warned. Professor Flannery, who is attending a UN climate summit in Poland, expressed dismay at the slow progress. “Resistance is a suicidal tactic,” the former Australian of the year, scientist and author told reporters in Poland. “This round of negotiations is likely to be our last chance as a species to deal with the problem.” The Age, 9 Dec 2008


2008: Humanity is approaching the last chance to prevent catastrophic climate change, according to WWF’s analysis of the latest climate science.The warning comes during UN climate talks in Poznan, Poland.“Governments in Poznan must agree to peak and decline global emissions well before 2020 to give people reasonable hope that global warming can still be kept within limits that prevent the worst,” said Kim Carstensen, leader of WWF’s global climate initiative. – WWF, “Poznan provides last chance to curb climate change” 5 Dec 2008

Last chance! – Copenhagen, 2009 – The world faces a final opportunity to agree an adequate global response to climate change at a U.N.-led meeting in Copenhagen in December, the European Union’s environment chief said on Friday. It is now 12 years since Kyoto was created. This makes Copenhagen the world’s last chance to stop climate change before it passes the point of no return, European Union Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas told a climate conference in Budapest on Friday. – Reuters, Feb 27 2009


2009: Ban Ki-moon, the United Nations Secretary-General, has warned of “catastrophic consequences” unless a new international agreement on greenhouse gas emissions is reached.Climate change is “simply the greatest collective challenge we face as a human family”, Mr Ban said in a speech on Monday in Seoul. He urged international leaders to reach a deal to limit their countries’ carbon emissions at the UN climate conference in Copenhagen in December. – The Telegraph, 10 Aug 2009

2009: “No one said the road to Copenhagen would be easy. But the agreement we all hope to reach in Copenhagen next year represents the last chance to bring climate change under control before it is too late. There is progress, but we need to step up the pace. With resolve, cooperation and imagination, we can conclude an agreement at the end of next year, delivering the ambitious global action that is needed.”
Speech by Stavros Dimas, European Commissioner responsible for environment at a Climate Change Conference, 31 October 2008, Prague

2009: The Copenhagen summit is the world’s last chance to save the planet from “catastrophic” global warming, according to a major study led by Lord Stern of Brentford, the country’s leading authority on climate change.Without an international agreement to limit global warming, temperatures are likely to rise by 9F (5C) by the end of the century – triggering mass migration, warfare and world hunger, according to the report. – The Telegraph, 2 Dec 2009

Last chance! – Cancun, 2010 – A sense of foreboding is one of the few points of general agreement among the 15,000 participants congregating for the next two weeks on this long thin strip of land, marooned between a wide lagoon and the Caribbean Sea. Jairem Ramesh, the Indian environment minister, sees it as the “last chance” for climate change talks to succeed; Connie Hedegaard, the EU’s climate chief, believes a disappointing outcome would “put the whole process in danger”. – The Telegraph (UK), 29 Nov 2010

Last chance! – Durban, 2011 – Rev. Dr. Olav Fyske Tveit, who leads the World Council of Churches, says the upcoming climate conference in South Africa is mankind’s ‘last opportunity’ to address climate change. This week the World Council of Churches general secretary, Reverend Dr Olav Fykse Tveit, called the United Nations UNFCCC COP 17 meeting a “last opportunity for the international community to be responsible in addressing climate change”, and called on the meeting to “act now for climate justice.” – Spero News, 27 Nov 2011

2011: Durban climate change meeting is “the last chance”. Attended by over 200 countries, this week’s major UN conference has been described by many experts as humanity’s last chance to avert the disastrous effects of climate change.Together with around 20 000 delegates from nearly 200 countries, Ferrial Adam, the climate change and energy campaigner for Greenpeace Africa, will be attending the 17th Conference of the Parties (COP17) to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, which gets under way in Durban in the next two weeks, towards negotiating a new climate regime. – UCANews, 28 Nov 2011

Last chance! – Doha, 2012 – Tomorrow: the earth’s last chance with climate change? Tomorrow, the whole world talks about irreversible global warming as this year’s international climate change summit begins. Participating are 195 countries (almost all of the United Nations). There are two concurrent meetings: the 8th Conference of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol; and the 18th session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. They will take place from Monday, November 26, 2012 to Friday, December 7, 2012 at the Qatar National Convention Centre in Doha, Qatar. – The Examiner, 25 Nov 2012

Last chance! – Warsaw, 2013 – Is the Warsaw Climate Change Conference a last-chance summit? The Warsaw Climate Change Conference opened on Monday 11th November. After the 2012 failure of Doha, this summit could represent a turning point in the fight against global warming. “Global greenhouse gas emissions need to peak this decade, and get to zero net emissions by the second half of this century,” announced Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC in a press release dated 8th November. “We have the money and technology, the knowledge and the new economic models to get the job done in time,” she confirmed before describing the next two years as “a critical period to act faster on climate.” – Sustainable Mobility, 14 Nov 2013

Last chance! – Lima, 2014 – Last chance: Change needed for climate negotiations in Lima 2014. WWF issued the following statement today from Samantha Smith, Leader of WWF’s Global Climate and Energy Initiative, as the UN climate talks drew to a conclusion: “A repeat performance next year would be disastrous, not just for the progress of these negotiations, but more importantly for vulnerable communities everywhere and the natural world on which we all depend…By the time we get to next year’s meeting in Lima, we urgently need to have political will, real commitments, and a clear path to a comprehensive and fair agreement in Paris 2015, where a new global agreement on climate change has to be signed.” – WWF Global, 23 Nov 2013

Last chance! – Paris, 2015: Scientists are calling on world leaders to sign up to an eight-point plan of action at landmark talks in Paris. The key element is the goal to limit global warming to below 2C by moving to zero carbon emissions by 2050. The UN meeting in December is “the last chance” to avert dangerous climate change, according to the Earth League. – BBC News 22 Apr 2015

Don't Muslim mums say "Just because Mohammed smacks his head for hours doesn't mean you have to too"


Thanks to reader Harve, a master class in the art.



Fanatics.   Sadly no Noble Prize for whacking yourself in the head, otherwise Muslims would have scored one or two by now.

Monty Python distilled the essence of 'being hit on the head day'  in this magnificent contribution to man's ability to hit himself on the head in this sketch - a little after 4 minutes in.


Need your help please

I have been head down and immersed in the minutiae of The AWU Scandal of late  (focussing on those matters that are, to put it kindly, additional to the work of the Trade Union Royal Commission).

I have a big deadline next week and I've been trying to get as much as possible done before that cut off date arrives.

I've not been looking closely at paying the bills until today.   Eek!

Michael Smith

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Thanks again for your support - between us all and our various contributions I know we have made a very significant difference in investigating how Bill Ludwig installed a compromised charlatan to run the country.