This time we mean it, Paris, last chance on climate - plus list back to 2001 of "last chance" conference
The ABC's environment reporter Sara Philips labels Paris Climate Conference "a party"


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shaun k

An Adjunct Professor unloading her junk.

Wayne shaft

And all the time plotting against the prime minister tony Abbott ,secret meetings with the white ant group. Disgraceful opportunist !


Scheming Julie Bishop plotted, stabbed PM Tony Abbott in the back with the 53 others to force their global warming, gay marriage agenda and to bring in even more muslim "refugees", things that Tony Abbott was against, Abbott clearly wanted to protect Australia and Christians, totally unlike the Malcolm Turnbull party of traitors.

Professor Messer

Watching the shitty ABC, every night they have many female professors come on, supposedly experts about everything, yet they know jack shit about anything? It appears that anyone can be called a professor these days, making the professor title all but worthless like Professor Mz. Juliar Dullard from Adelaide University.


To think a lot of us considered this bitch a possible future PM.

The only good thing about the shameful assassination of Tony Abbott is that it has flushed a lot of the scum out into the open.


John Greybeard

She ccould at least dress like a proper professor and show some respect for her students and the taxpayer.


Chairman Mal's waffle - what a perfect example here. Nothing short of a complete embarrassment. How could the traitors in the liberal party have replaced Tony Abbott with this? I still cannot believe Turncoat's treachery was rewarded.
How feeble are the gullible?
Body language and a failing job application!
Prime Minister Turnbull is certainly enjoying unprecedented popularity, the polls say so. It’s good that so many Australians are getting behind the man, regardless of his faults, failures and flaws of character, after all, nobody is perfect.
There is, however, a major difference between Turnbull’s flippant banter and considered information based on facts rather the skills of oneupmanship . It does, however, appear that in this case that the PM’s supporting audience have abandoned reasoned thinking with BS baffles brains. View this video and comment please!

Direct link to the video
Malcolm Turnbull - Is "Modus Vivendi" Latin for Waffle Iron?

Old Rooster 📢🐓

Reg would indeed have been proud of drafting such magnificent rubbish. Mind you they've had a bit more time than was usually available to his emergency general sessions over matters requiring immediate action.

If you ask the wrong questions you are unlikely, even mistakenly, to arrive at the right answers. Talk about the product of a waffle iron.

Dennis Thompson

The Bish: Associate of the Waffling Wentworth Wank*r.

A White Ant traitor.


No surprise at all - and this without turnbull doing anything at all.
Voters rate Turnbull government performance below Abbott's

The fragility of the Turnbull government's lead in the opinion polls has been exposed by new research which shows voters marking down the government's performance in every policy issue of concern since Tony Abbott was replaced.

And fears about border security and immigration are back on the rise.

... "While the published polls show the new Prime Minister has greater support among voters in his role than his predecessor, and has turned around support for his party in the polls, this has yet to translate into improved performance scores on the issues that matter the most to Australians," the research says.

... 11 ISSUES

The findings are contained in the latest quarterly True Issues survey conducted by JWS Research and canvassing the views of 1100 voters. They are presented with a list of 11 issues, asked to rate them in order of importance, and the government's performance on each.

The survey was conducted from November 5 to November 10 when political debate about a GST increase was prominent. It found that since the last survey in June the government's performance rating across every issue fell, the first time this has happened.

The issues tested were hospitals and healthcare, the economy, education, immigration and border security, community and social issues, infrastructure, quality of government, environment, defence and security, regional and rural Australia, and business and mining.

Hospitals (81 per cent), the economy and finances (64 per cent) and education (60 per cent) remained the top three issues of importance but had the greatest gap between importance and government performance. The performance rating on hospitals fell from 18 to 15 per cent, the economy from 22 to 17 per cent and education from 25 to 22 per cent.


The poll finds those who think the national economy is headed in the right direction has fallen from 24 to 18 per cent. Mr Scales said this pessimism is driven by a decline in manufacturing and mining, and uncertainty about what will replace them.

"They don't know where the new jobs are coming from," he said.

Concerns about housing availability and foreign ownership are also on the rise, fuelling uncertainty about the future.


... But the latest survey finds it has returned as the fourth-highest area of concern, moving from 40 to 46 per cent since June, while the government's performance rating has dropped from 34 to 29 per cent. Fears of Australians fighting abroad have dropped 15 per cent since June, to be replaced by rising fears about people coming into the country as refugees (up 7 points) and immigrants (up 10 points).

"It's not about people going away any more, it's about them coming back," Mr Scales said.

"This is pre-Paris – imagine what has happened since?"

The research attributes the change to the shootings on October of a police employee outside the Parramatta police station and images of vast refugee flows into Europe.

Dennis Thompson

Come down, come down from your Ivory Towers.


Hi Michael,

in Article 4.b it states that adaptation should follow gender sensitive fully transparent etc....approach. This sounds insane already!!!

Article 12.8 states that observers may be permitted unless one third of the parties object. Now there's democracy in action!!!!

Sorry, I haven't read any further than this so far, it's awful and I know one thing for certain and that is that I could never be a bureaucrat.

I'll read some more tomorrow. So far, it feels as though countries are just signing away their sovereignty and bullied into paying for it.

Michelle Two

Malcom Turnbull has mates with money invested in this game.. on Kangaroo Court he mentions the Company Australian Rain Corporation so I just looked it up..
Australian Rain Technologies (ART) has broken the traditional paradigm of meteorological statistical analysis.

It has applied the most advanced developments in statistical methodology to deal with previous limitations to environmental and climatological research.

This has enabled enormously advantageous decision-making around rainfall enhancement technologies.
About us

ART is a commercial company committed to the effective deployment of rainfall enhancement technologies. ART is focused on research and development of ground-based ionization technologies and on advancing predictive and assessment statistical methodologies.

Wholly owned by Matt and Clare Handbury, ART operates the Atlant ionization rainfall enhancement technology, developed by the same scientists at General Electric who developed chemical cloud-seeding after World War II.

Cognizant of the issues cloud-seeding trials have encountered with achieving consistently significant results over 70 years, we have applied ourselves tirelessly to finding and working with spatio-temporal statisticians to overcome the various statistical challenges in dealing with rainfall enhancement trial data.

These efforts have led to consistent results of high statistical confidence over the past six years.

( Malcom and Lucy are friends with the Handbury couple here is an article from 2005)
Three months after hitting 50, the celebrity politician Malcolm Turnbull finally threw a birthday party on Saturday night at Villa Turnbull, his harbourside mansion at Point Piper, a multimillion-dollar house formerly known as Le Gai Soleil.

The party coincided with the 25th wedding anniversary of Turnbull, pictured, and his wife, Lucy. Spike's mole reports that up to 250 of the couple's closest friends turned out for Hawaiian-themed extravaganza.

However, long-time Malcolm mentor and business partner Trevor Kennedy was nowhere to be seen. Nor was there any sign of other prominent figures in Turnbull's rise and rise, such as Kerry Packer or Neville Wran.

Surprisingly, politicians were thin on the ground, with the PM's chief head kicker, Senator Bill Heffernan, and the NSW Liberal Leader, John Brogden, representing the team.

The ultimate mall rat, Westfield's Frank Lowy, was there, as were Turnbull's ex-business buddies Sean Howard and Channel Seven legal eagle Bruce McWilliam, and the man some describe as Sydney's most accomplished networker, Charles Curran. Other old chums and supporters included art dealer Michael Carr, Robyn Crawford and Judy Joye, Andrew and Amanda Love, Peter and Dovienne Holmes a Court, Louise and Greg Daniel, and Matt and Clare Handbury. Guest were told not to give gifts; instead, they were encouraged to donate money to the tsunami relief effort. At the end of the night some $60,000 was raised.
(Here is a bit on Matt Hanbury, according to the wiki bio of Malcom Turnbull he was a part of the Sydney University Union)
Matt is the Executive Chairman of Murdoch Media Pty Ltd, blueshyft Pty Ltd and Australian Rain Technologies Pty Ltd. He was previously owner of Murdoch Magazines Pty Ltd and Murdoch Books Pty Ltd. He and his wife Clare fund The Handbury Project at Sydney University, which is building a theoretical and empirical basis to the pursuit of powerlessness and vulnerability to enhance human well-being and efficacy.
Here is an interview about the Green credentials of Malcom Turnbull who was also on the board of directors for this company called Axiom Forest Resources (it got in a bit of strife on the Solomon Islands)..


Spanish News - the largest producer of wind turbines and solar panels have gone bankrupt on the eve of the Paris climate change conference. They owe $14 billion euros and have 27 thousand employees.
Here is the link:


In the grand scheme of things, Julie Bishop is just a peon. Time for some Spanish Fly, Julie?


Would be better if AUNTY invited Lord Monckton on to testify as he did at Congress - they tried and some failed >

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