I'm very late to this party nackers
I am fairly full on writing this morning and exchanging correspondence with some helpers


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Michelle Two

Good on Jonny and his dad that was watching over him.. there should be more people in the world like Jonny that cares for the farmer and the environment more then making a profit for himself.. xx
Baby Charlotte is so cute I just put a photo up of my own grandbaby and grandniece who we met today for a gathering they are on my FB page, and good news for me I am going to be a nanny again (#2) in May..


That's a man deserving of respect!!

Michelle Two

Good morning xx The message this morning is 'Perseverance' so a call to hang in there while you work on both your spiritual growth and the other things you are working on you may not see any action but because other people and factors are involved you cannot see the whole picture or story that is unfolding behind the scenes, don't hold expectations over others and how you think they should act because of not knowing everything that you cannot see, work on your part and others will work on their bit to put this whole puzzle together that will bring about change. Everything happens for a reason and there are no accidents or coincidences in life for all always work on a subconscious lever as well as the conscious level on earth this part brings those free choices so anything and everything has a potential to change the course of events that are before you. Persevere for now while your dreams are also manifesting into reality, patience for all things turn up in divine timing after your soul has other lessons. Surround yourself with love and forgive all transgressions from your past that you still blame yourself over they are lessons long past and no matter longer for where you are now they helped you grow wiser and paid back karmic energy what you owed so now is the time to release all that is no longer needed by your soul for it holds you back from where you are going, it is like a heavy chain around your neck that you continually hold onto for your lessons are complete you can now let go..release all tension from your soul body and relax and be content in where you are now for it will help you ease into the future the fulfilling of your dreams..Your prayers have been heard by the angels so they are working behind the scenes also to guide others that are a part of your dreams.. Release hold trust and faith in yourself and the universe to bring you all you need, you are never alone.. xx love and light xx

Talking about others doing things behind the scene I've said watch this mans action his words mean nothing when your actions are different.. He was telling us before that he was sticking with the target his predecessor put in place now he is hanging out with the big shot world powers and bureaucrats things look different in the eyes of those that attend now they have an agenda in mind for the population..
Malcolm Turnbull will hold open the prospect of increasing Aus­tralia’s carbon target as he joins other world leaders at today’s clim­ate change conference in Paris to ­generate momentum to limit ­global warming to 2C.

The Prime Minister’s message at the UN summit will be that the government is prepared to consider more ambitious targets to ­reduce greenhouse gas emissions in rolling five-year reviews, if there is a comprehensive global agreement.

While Mr Turnbull has made it clear that Australia’s 26-28 per cent reduction target by 2030 will not be changed at the conference, he will tell world ­leaders there is scope for change when the goal is first reviewed in two years.

Senior sources told The Australian that the government was open to buying international permits in the wake of any review, which could allow it to step up its ­ambitions on carbon emissions with minimal additional econo­mic cost.

Michelle Two

In that link I just put up of the Australian story these words stick out to me after the links to his mates and former companies he has been on the board of directors on even his own Turnbull and Partners is an investment gig..

"Mr Turnbull will thrust innov­ation to the centre of his agenda at the conference.

The Australian understands the government is planning an announcemen­t aimed at driving more private-sector investment into innovative low-emissions technology such as solar photovoltaics and battery storage.

The Prime Minister believes such disruptive technologies will drive emissions reductions and could allow the developing world to leapfrog a generation of energy technology to speed their development and simultaneously cut emissions.

“The solutions to the climate change challenge lie very much in the field of technology and hence innovation,’’ Mr Turnbull said."

Edward James

There are not enough people like John left! Edward James Muswelbrook


What an inspiring movie of God's love! I wish Johnny was our prime minister, instead of that devious charlatan Malcolm Turnbullshit or that wannabe PM, a blood-sucking leech Bill Shorton. How about we get someone like Johnny to run the corrupt ACCC. Johnny illustrates how ratshit we have become and how business is ripping us off with the corrupt governments' approval. The Chuck Noris like dude, $$$billionaire with long hair is a saint, unlike the others??

Old Rooster 📢🐓

Definitely not the right stuff for a union official or parliamentarian—fancy giving a stuff about your customers!


I love how the old Queen with her diamond studded crown and His Royal Highness Prince Phillip are at the hysterical Paris 'Climate Change' junket for the illuminati in the climate change cult, controlling the global temperature thermostat and saving us from global warming,,,but who cares about islamic terrorism. Why don't they put the screws into the big polluters like the arab oil cartels and close down their filthy oil business,,,ha ha and just see how the arabs react with that!!

Good to see that freaked out global warming professor Tim Flannery with his false predictions back in the act and back on the global warming gravy train.

Maggie 47

Another good story today is on the Bolt Blog.
Bolt has listed the politicians who have come out supporting Freydenburg's comments about Islam.
Also Hastie is brave enough to bring same sex marriage to his official facebook.
I also read that Sen Cash was one of the prime movers with the successful Turnbull coup. Explains why she spent 20 minutes selling the benefits of Turnbull to a room of committed Liberal Party members.


Greys story michael and such a relief from all the offence takers and joyless people we have to put up with


Our self-made millionaire Commander-in Chief, Sir Malcolm Turnbull would much prefer to invest in the lucrative global warming scam with his owners, the UN & his employer American Merchant Bank Goldman Sachs, who just happen to be making $zillions out of global warming, that Malcolm is so passionate about stopping.

Eternal Optimist

You were so right about the tissues! There should be more men like this one who puts the needs of people before huge profits.

Michelle Two

Strewth!! I do love his columns he is right once you see something or learn something new it can't be undone for it then becomes a part of you and some things will play over in your mind, other things will zip past until your soul is ready to deal with what you just learned. This spiritual thing and its context springs to mind for once you open the door to spirit you can never go back because it is you finding a piece of yourself that has always existed only you just couldn't find it, because you had been searching for it in every incarnation with all those lessons that piece you are always searching for is your complete soul for you only bring a part of who you are to earth so really spirit is you and what your soul energy is made up of.. but back to Strewth! it would of been cool to watch that iguana going in but more so coming out of a blowhole.. God bless James son Leo who was not ready to lose the boy inside just yet by the sounds of it, dad must of been more embarrassed though.. Love it xx
“I can’t unsee that” is a popular reaction when one shares an even mildly distressing image on the internet. I get it a lot, usually when, for a range of flimsy reasons, I tweet an old photo of Soviet dictator Leonid Brezhnev on the phone while clad in nought but his bathers. Given that he was only theoretically alive by then, I think of it as Still Life With Eyebrows and Man Boobs. Up goes the universal cry of retreat: “I can’t unsee that.”

But sometimes it’s the unseen that niggles most, the stuff I just missed out on. For example, I once (thanks to an eye-catching booby) failed to see a flying iguana, and it’s been burning in my soul to this day.

It was during a trip to the Galapagos. My travelling group was gazing down upon a shelf of lava rock jaggedly fringing the sea. And upon it, moving in slow procession like a herd of gargoyles liberated from their cathedral tops, a line of marine iguanas was lumbering towards a blowhole. As the hole puffed and sprayed and gurgled and sighed, the lead iguana reached its lip and, without further ado, climbed in.

I should never have moved my eyes from that blowhole, but the bugger about the Galapagos is that there is just so much to look at.


What an awesome product and an awesome guy. Thanks Michael.

Graeme Weber

Just posted Tree-T-Pee onto my facebook. What a fabulous item for Australian farmers. Not for frozen roots but with a little tweek here and there in design to be a water preserver. You see any evaporation would hit the plastic, condense and dribble down the sides - rewatering - little evaporation.

Go Jonny!


Anastasia M

I agree Michelle Two.I just LOVE the photo of Princess Charlotte, what a super cutie! She is everything that is love and light in this world, the innocence of babyhood. She has amazing parents who no doubt will shower her with unconditional love and support just like Johnny's Dad did.(pass the tissues). She is not worried about climate change or fleecing other countries of their dwindling eco-systems. Thank God for little children, I hope they learn well during their childhood and have a much more realistic view of this crazy world we live in where the only thing that seems to matter are climbing up and over everyone to get to the magic gravy train that the world elite crave. They most likely don't really give a toss about the outcome of climate change. They are there for the free food, drinks and adoration of the media. Pfft! Little Charlotte finds pure joy in her fluffy toy dog, go Charlotte! Go Johnny, and can you please send me some of your tree "T-pee's". I don't care if they are $10 each, if it conserves water and my plants thrive I have made a contribution to water conservation! Johnny is passionate about his product and still misses his Dad, I can relate very well to his emotions. God bless Dad's everywhere for they are the greatest teachers along with Mothers and Grandparents of course. Love is everything that should ever ultimately matter to any of us. Love is the greatest lesson, and here it is written all over Johnny and Charlottes' faces.

Maggie 47

All the best to John, a man of principal. Hope his Tree-T-Pee goes well.
Little Charlotte. Imagine the security this little darling and her big brother are growing up with. Just taking them out into the garden would be preceded by a security check of the environment.

Michelle Two

Thank you Anastasia that was beautiful your comment xx love and light xx

Michelle Two

The power of love is captured in this song I heard on the radio on my way home from work today.. Your soul is love and light that is the true soul.. xx

Michelle Two

Here is another good news story from the creator of FB Mark Zuckerburg generous of spirit on the birth of his daughter..
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg ​used the occasion of the birth of his first child to announce that over the course of their lives, he and his wife Priscilla Chan will give away 99 per cent of their Facebook shares, currently valued at about $US45 billion.

Mr Zuckerberg ​and his wife, a doctor, said their daughter is named Max. The couple will make their philanthropic donations through a new entity, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, LLC.

Its initial areas of focus will be “personalised learning, curing disease, connecting people and building strong communities,” Mr Zuckerberg said in a lengthy letter to his daughter posted Tuesday.

“I will continue to serve as Facebook’s CEO for many, many years to come, but these issues are too important to wait until you or we are older to begin this work,” Mr Zuckerberg wrote.

“By starting at a young age, we hope to see compounding benefits throughout our lives.”

(I do like his tweet to his daughter as well).

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