Don't Muslim mums say "Just because Mohammed smacks his head for hours doesn't mean you have to too"
This time we mean it, Paris, last chance on climate - plus list back to 2001 of "last chance" conference


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Elected to be hypocrites!

Edward James

Michael. Over the last fifteen or sixteen years various people have asked why I identify myself when being politically active / offensive. These partying parasites bureaucrats and political allsorts exhibiting themselves it Cancun. Are inseperable from those whom I certainly perceive as criminals here in Australia. Our special breed of Aussie Grubs are in and remain in positions of power and influence because too many taxpayers are too dam gutless to fire up and become the change we all at some point claim want. I am so tired of the years passing and watching my father and several others die while fighting for their rights, trying to act with "others" to pull out those political weeds responcible for the on going corruption. The rat f###ing which is still being permitted is our own fault! There are political party members vying for preselection right now. Some will still be using so called "slush funds" they are out there asking for party members to pick then to run top of the ticket for the next election! Some of them Labor Belinda Neal, Liberal Lucy Wicks, Labor Kathy Smith, Labor Senator Debroh O'Neil, to name just a few. That I have personally exposed with photographs and printed descriptions of their perceived and obvious conflict with the Elcetoral Act and other laws which proscribe littering / graffiti an all see it illegally placed core flutes on power poles and other property belonging to the crowns representative. Their various parties and the supporters of those parties many of whome are part of the crew are comfortable with a simple fact. They will once again give their votes in trust to the lying cheating shonks who will conduct their political campaigns outside the law. While that continues no one can especilaly you Michael can really really expect these rat ####ers to change their cheating ways. The grass roots supporters of established political parties probable don't see themselves as part of the problem. Well we are. When enough of us understand that fact. Then change will happen and it will happen in a surprising flash! I still consider myself part of the MSN Crew. I fact only last week I dropped my last activist friend of over ten years standing, because she was stupid enough to attack you and CC me a copy. Edward James from the Dolls House 0419 357 337


Ah, Cancun, where Greg Combet signed away millions of our taxpayer dollars to the voracious U.N.

It's always good to be reminded what Malcolm Turnbull's Goldman Sachs and so many other money grubbing carpet-bagging financial institutions are really up to, and the means they've chosen to achieve it.

'Climate policy has almost nothing to do anymore with environmental protection", says the German economist and IPCC official Ottmar Edenhofer. "The next world climate summit in Cancun is actually an economy summit during which the distribution of the world’s resources will be negotiated." – Ottmar Edenhofer

And don't forget the $trillions various divisions of the IIGC hold round the world, heavily reliant on investment in the many fanciful and unworkable renewable energy schemes funded by taxpayer subsidies, so many of which have already gone "belly-up"!

Have a look at where those investment funds are derived and you begin to understand why churches, unions and people from so many other Pension, Superannuation and other Investment Funds board the 'gravy train' and whole-heartedly support continuation of the Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming scam.


The Oz is full of climate change mal-archy today, with no comments allowed. First story on mobile version is the bishop gushing over the chairman. Quite sickening. And Trudeau is a complete tosser as well! Mal's best mate ATM.

stu nt

It's more like 'Spring Break'! But spare a thought for how tough it is to be Chairman Mal surrounded by so many imperfect souls

stu nt

So, they get to PARTY while we're told to PRAY


Sickening to watch these dropkicks stuffing themselves with someone else paying of course. I wonder what our lefty PM is going to sign us up for this week.

shaun k

O' man O' man,talk about free loaders and parasites,I hope climate change occurs rapidly to wipe out these glutinous gluttons.They might be related to our Centrelink Muslim recipients for all things that are free.

marg of nambour

Love it.


I like how Treasurer Scott Morrison is aggressively kicking genuine Aussies off Centrelink and turning a blind eye to muslims milking Centrelink dry. Oddly radio 2GB are in cahoots and putting the big boot in too???

Michelle Two

Love it as well xx

Michelle Two

Whilst the kings/queens feast the peasants are turned into slavery.. I just had thoughts of how things don't change much in each century with humanity and how there are always classes of people and some think they are more entitled then others while they go off and party also fill their faces and have talk fests about how to scam money off people by inciting fear about the climate, we are always left to pay the bills they have been collecting taxes for many centuries in order to feed the elite kings/queens in the world... They also make rules/laws to tell us what is good for us and that we can't always have opinions or speak the truth in order it gets squash by the believers of doom and gloom over commonsense and facts..

Michelle Two

I had this song in mind as I was writing a comment last night.. "How great thou art" from all the praise the media give Mal the left have found their Messiah!!!

"If you depend on others for your value,
it is 'other-worth' not 'self-worth'." so if you go for the populism vote you are not being true to your self and your own belief system so you will try to cover and mask who you really are, so only the ego will show. A lot of people can sense that energy whether they are aware of it or not that is where the distrust would also come in because the actions are not always measured up to the words spoken.. so you can not have your heart in one place while pretending to be something you are not, it will actually show up and be transparent to those that can tell the difference between genuine and fakers in the world..

Pro Bono

Every last chance mentioned was during the eighteen years which the IPCC have identified as years which showed no signs of increased temperatures. And the media blast continues, unabated.

Without or is it with "a pause".

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