The ABC's environment reporter Sara Philips labels Paris Climate Conference "a party"
I'm very late to this party nackers

The 2nd largest military contribution in the fight against ISIS is led by this man. He has ANFI

Thank God history delivered Churchill not Turnbull to deal with the Nazis.

"The key to the resolution of this discord between the Jewish peoples in all their manifestations and the peoples of the Schutzstaffel ies in creating a new Modus Vivendi as between these disparate groups.   Like anyone, I have been moved by the images of Jews being gassed and cremated, particularly the cute children,  however there is no use in name-calling.   The Waffen SS is weak compared to the forces arrayed against them and we must all learn to work together to develop this solution, if you will the new Malcolm Modus Vivendi.  Now the important thing to remember here is that I have registered the hashtag Malcolm-Modus-Vivendi, so please make sure that there is attribution to me and let me know if anyone else uses Modus Vivendi please, thanks........"

Malcolm you should be asked to resign.   One side in this battle with the Islamists will win.   One side will lose.

If you had honour you would resign - but you don't so we have to deal with you as you are.  

You have absolutely no f*cking idea old mate.   Watch a few videos of head loppings followed by video of your waffle in response.

To the rest of the world, particularly the victims of ISIS, know that this is the leader of the second largest global military contribution to the fight against the barbarians.   Listen to him tell you all about his "Absolutely No Flaming Idea" strategy to deliver you from hell.

The date of this exposition of incompetence is 24 November, 2015.   A date that should live in jumping the shark infamy.



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The despised Turnbull Liberal government will get whacked in the only true poll next year by Liberal voters who hate being treated like damned stupid idiots by arrogant fools, wrecking their country.

Political speedbump

What a great pair of Gutless Bookends Australia has been dealt in the last decade ,Gillard/Rudd -- (Abbott)-- Turnbull , One lets in 50,000 unknown refugees in over 7 years , Abbott finaly sticks in finger in the Dyke and stems the flow of scumbags , Now we have to put up with Luvvie Malcom the Procrastinator pretending its all fine and fixed with a few cliché's and a bottle before bedtime ,nothing to worry about .

Some Muvvers do hav em ! .

Malcom is a very dangerous ego driven buffoon way way out of his depth .


Provocative PM Malcolm 'Dash' Turnbull slagging islamic terrorists, calling them 'weak' demonstrates his unfitness and total unsuitability for office. His utter stupidity is akin to calling Adolph Hitler weak, especially with the apocalyptic islamic destruction going on around the world. And this cowardly lame goose Turnbull has the gall to criticise Tony Abbott and knife him, along with his sneaky comrades.


Thirteen years ago Iraq had three million christians, today five to ten thousand and they are not on the boats? Islamic state are very strong, not 'weak' as that rotten egg Turnbull puts it. Powerful Russia pounded the taliban for twelve years and withdrew with tails between their legs, ditto Australia,,,leaving the taliban stronger and now after all of that there are calls for 'peace talks' with the 'weak' taliban.


Those "50,000 unknown refugees", most all are long term Centrelink clients. Many getting homesick and flying back home for holidays to the 'dangerous' country they 'fled',,,but hey this is the smart country, according to that conman Malcolm.


Waffle,waffle, waffle That's all he does and as for J. Bishop saying he was like a breath of fresh air, my god what planet is she from.
Having a cup of tea with the insideout up herself lying Triggs shows how low this man will go.
Much as I hate to admit it, don't like the man, Shorten gives great speaches in parliament when required to. Whom ever does them for him really does a lot of background work.

shaun k

Bravo!A brave man has spoken the truth.Good on him,our Malcolm is not wearing the pants any more,Bishop wears the pants.We are lumbered with a waffler,not a leader.He is benevolent to the Muslims and malevolent to true genuine Australians.He should resign.Bring back our Abbott to get rid of the Bishop too.


See what Frydenberg backed up by Hastie have said. At last a politician has come out and said the problem is within Islam.

ImPropa Ganda

Methinks Malcolm Turnbull went to the Comical Ali school of Reality.

Dennis Thompson

The Waffling Wentworth Wanker has again displayed his lack of judgement.

He spent years white anting Tony Abbott, a disgraceful performance of disloyalty and bastardry.

I hope he crashes.


Maybe you're being a bit harsh there, just the other day the Bish was telling all her liberal mates how he's a breath of fresh air.

Maggie 47

I got 17 "ahs", numerous starting and changing sentences. The rest is as Michael and lots of others are saying was complete waffle.

I am told his son in law is ex SAS. Let's hope he can talk sense into Turnbull.

Like Ms Bishop, Turnbull has aged considerably in a few months.

I am a Liberal Party member. Recently was at a meeting with Sen. Cash as guest speaker. Ms Cash spent her entire speech, about 20 minutes,telling the 40 staunch Liberal Party members how fabulous it was to have Malcolm "The Saviour" as leader. Why would she feel the need to do that if the "feed back" is so good?
Yesterday was at a function with Matthias Cormann as guest speaker. He stated at the beginning of his speech that he had suported Tony Abbott in the ballot. Why? Is it necessary to show which side you are on? I would have thought the best thing to do would be carry on and not look back. Something is not quite right.

Michelle Two

G'day xx I just got home I would love to see which journalists praise Malcom Turnbull for his communication skills and his intellect after watching that little clip, he has no understanding about what the world is up against with this dark force that will come to you, and you don't even have to leave the country... he will just follow the other leaders and not have any understanding what he is getting us into.. The left love Malcom and they understand him that says it all really..xx


Who said he was articulate? He's not even fluent in mindless brain-numbing waffle!

Michelle Two

All this praising of Malcom Turnbull from those in the party that chose him are either trying to convince themselves or to try and con the voters so they have to talk Malcom up with positive language the media do it also.. maybe this is an inside strategy to try an create and illusion that he is the best man for the job, as Malcom is great mates with the media barons he uses them as he did to create the character of Tony Abbott that everybody hates the ALP/Unions helped greatly with that but the media ran their own lines without much encouragement.. so transparent and they think the voters are stupid, I believe also that Malcom has his own social media getup style group that are working in comment sections of the blogs and news media.. He is a rich man with many contacts in that area so I would not put anything past him and that ego.

Michelle Two

I only just turned the page on my calendar the quote is "When a leader trusts no one, no one trusts him."
By leaders taking their own lead and not listening to the public and what they want that would mean he doesn't trust the people that employ him to look after our best interests for he takes that out of our hands and makes his own choices on his own agenda... this can only lead to his demise.. He can waffle all he likes the actions will speak louder with Malcom because he is very much Shorten says one thing then his words don't align with his actions. Take the climate change thing as an example Liberals were voted in because they didn't believe in that and they won on the condition of removing the carbon tax - that was done by Tony Abbott now he is gone the tables will turn for Mal believes there is money to be made from this agenda and he most likely has his own money invested in it.


Andrew Bolt's blog says that Lady Macbeth Bishop was present, but silent, in the failed coup in February while Turnbull rang Morrison to offer him the Treasurer job. THEY WERE ALL IN THE KNOW. Bastards!

Michelle Two

Here was an article in the Spectator about this great communicator.. this was just after the love in with Leigh Sales after the ousting of Tony Abbott..I think Rudd was better at communicating then Turnbull is turning out to be, he is okay to speak off the cuff if he knows his subject if he doesn't know what he is talking about he will speak like he doesn't know what he is on about, what is inside will show on the outside the true soul is and will be revealed by this man's actions, his intelligence isn't as well rounded as the media make out it is..Julia Gillard was media prepared and had her script with her waffle so in her mind she had what she wanted to say prepared and didn't move far from the subject, Malcom is so full of his ego he doesn't need that preparation if he had it he is far from the script, he must not prepare himself for any sorts of questions or learn what the background is behind all subjects as a Prime Minister in his position has to be all over every MP's brief as well as his own.. one has to be well read on all topics to show intelligence and be willing to learn on what you don't know or admit that you are not up to speed on the subject you are talking or questioned about..Some times you just can't wing it when it is such an important subject that affects everyone's security..
He pauses, he stutters, he umms and he ahhs. Hesitant moments as his hands wave meaninglessly in the air; awkward body shifts and gestures attempt to make up for the lack of substantive comment. No, it’s not Tony Abbott on a bad day: it’s Malcolm Turnbull.

Not since Kevin Rudd last graced our TV screens have we had a prime minister who a) has so many words to deploy and b) has so little to say with them.

In case you missed the excruciating Leigh Sales love-in on the ABC’s 7.30, here are some of the redacted highlights of Mr Turnbull’s first major TV interview on his favoured home turf of Ultimo. Welcome to The Great Communicator, or if you prefer, Welcome to Waffle.

MT: ‘So they’ve got to – so freedom is the – freedom is the key point. I mean, it’s perhaps a bit simplistic, but one way you can say it – you can describe it is that… we believe that government’s job is to enable you to do your best.

So government has to provide the leadership, the sense that, you know, we know what we’re doing…

So everything I can say to inspire confidence is going to help the economy… It’s not just – I’m not agreeing with all of that list, by the way, but anyway…


This is absolutely disgraceful - the man is a bang to rights bloody drop kick!
WWW is so apt a way of describing him.
Please God he goes, and goes soon.


If Malcolm Turnbull is a breath of fresh air I hope Julie Bishop realizes that a long with her, and her back stabbing buddies their breath stinks.

John Greybeard

PM Turnbull. If you turn bull you get llub. and if you give it a gender change you get woc.
PM LLUB you are a monstrous disappointment to most of Australia.
If like your Labor mates we took the U out you would be PM LLB which would be just another lawyer.
Is that rambling enough for you Malcontempts?


Hi Michael,

I think Turnbull is proof that Headhunters working for multinational corporations seek out people with narcissistic tendencies and who never consider the consequences of their decisions or actions. It also benefits these corporations if these people are incompetent or in over their heads because they'll do what they're told in order to save face.


He's sickening to watch. If Abbott dare say the stuff this opportunistic, manipulative, malicious turnkey does you'd never hear the end of it. When Turnbull was a kid some teacher said seize the day. Turnbull had his head so far up his own arse he heard seize the country! And he did. I wonder how much of the bs RE: Abbott and Credlin was/is planted by Turnbull and his little minions to bring Abbott down and keep him there? Someone made a beat up of that chocolate cake in the monkey room. The thing was gifted to the West Aussie. Bishop?


This guy rolled a democratically elected Prime Minister, and one of his grand attributes was that he is a great communicator. I've just watch him ramble on for 3 minutes and have absolutely no f%&#%(*# idea what he has just said...

Michelle Two

I was just pondering on how Shorten is dealing with Turnbull now as the leader and with his latest on Climate Change - Shorten has turned to a competing mode so he knows he is in competition for the populist vote, so those of the left that make the loudest noise and laud Turnbull with affection. Shorten is trying to win them back as he thinks that he has lost them, they both hang off these polls and who is more popular. So they don't or won't always do what is right for the whole population just those lobbyist and the ones screaming the loudest.. At the moment the ALP is trying to wedge Mal with climate change, Conroy did bring up the HIH crash and Mal's role in the news this weekend they are struggling to come up with a strategy to either beat him or do one better this is political competition so the what all voters want is irrelevant when you have a couple of ego driven characters in the game.
Bill Shorten has sparked a polit­ical fight over the cost of living after setting a climate change target that could impose a cost burden 10 times greater than Julia Gillard’s carbon tax.

The new Labor target was branded “way out of range” of other countries as world leaders prepare to meet in Paris on Monday to try to agree on a united plan to address global warming.

Labor is defending its goal of a 45 per cent cut in Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions by insisting­ it will not need an expensiv­e price on carbon that drives up household energy bills.

In a break from bipartisanship on previous targets, Labor’s ambition is almost twice the size of the government’s offic­ial goal of cutting carbon pollution by 26-28 per cent, which Malcolm Turnbull will reiterate when he attends the Paris talks.

Michelle Two

These numbers are only figures/statistics to the politicians they don't take the human toll or consider all the consequences when they throw numbers in the air. It just doesn't have to be with climate change it can be with the percentage of tax or any statistic that crosses their paths. When you have other peoples money and the access to more things become a bit distorted as with the dollar figures they bounce around with the public can only dream of, so in turn it means nothing to them that the human population actually has to work and raise a sweat to bring not only their own wages but that of the taxes that are taken out of the pay packet by what ever means with all the levies, fees, taxes, and government charges for any service "nothing is ever for free as some one somewhere is paying for it or will pay for it if it is debt being racked up" cause and affect for free stuff..

Liz of Vic


It sounded as though the Queen agrees with all of us.

After Turnbull said a few things to her which I did not hear, but it was about that he had talked with Prince Charles about 'Green Finance' the Queen said 'Yeah sure'!

She had him summed up.


I wasted my time listening to this Nincompoop. He could not string a sentence properly.

Peter Baxter

Hi Michael, I only lasted about a minute and a half before turning it off, I just couldn't take it any more.
What a gibbering buffoon, he sounds like one bad idea that has been reduced into singular disparate molecular parts, from which he then proceeds to take a little from here and a bit from there.
And many in the Liberal party would have us believe he is the best person for the job?!?!?! Heaven help us all.


A pig farm would be a breath of fresh air compared to Turnbull and Bishop.


Malcolm Turnbull has ANFI. Turnbull is only Prime Minister for himself. Turnbull doesn't care for this country. He's just another egotistical dickbrain like Rudd & Gillard. Turnbull doesn't know a damn thing about this terrorist threat, he needs his spin doctors to help him.


The Queen has seen it all before. They come and they go.

I don't think she was in the least bit impressed.

Expensive bespoke suits, best teeth money can buy and a treacherous heart.

She would pick it at 10 paces.

desroyer D69

We got Malcolm.... We is screwed.


Liz I saw that too and thought it was priceless! What a great response from the Queen.

Glenn are right ! He has no f**king idea what he is doing.

God help us, as no other bugger looks capable.

Old Rooster 📢🐓

Oh he's articulated right enough—a big shiny underpowered tractor attempting to haul too many overweight trailers with dubious cargoes.


Wonder if any of those 53 plotters are having their 'buyers regret' moment yet?

A Turnbull/Bishop led Liberal party will never get my vote.

St . George

Michael - There is no consensus among the EU governments, Nato, the USA or the allies of the West to put large scale forces on the ground in Syria/Iraq. What fool would even contemplate a unilateral operation to take on ISIL in that part of the world, without a consensus among 'the allies'.

Before any ground troops engage in that theatre, there needs to be a political solution, or agreement on who/what is to happen after that ground campaign. Otherwise we will be there forever.

And even if an allied force was mobilised to do that job, we will send thousands of troops thousands of kilometers, for little or no effect, because ISIL will very quickly disolve back across the borders in to neighbouring islamic countries. They won't 'cooperate' and fight a land battle with an allied army, which they know they will loose. It will take months to mobilize a suitable force to take on ISIL in that campaign. That is precisely what ISIL want us to do. It is plain for everyone to see that ISIL don't fight fair.

Why do so many on this blog want to send their sons and grandsons into harms way, for a military solution that will fail. Y'all are letting your hatred for Turnbull over ride logical thinking and basic common sense. We are currently 'training' Iraqi troops who will drop their weapons and run as soon as a bullit comes their way. We would be better advised to concentrate our efforts on those minorities/groups who are prepared to offer resistance and fight for their own territories.

France has 'declared war' from the deck of an aircraft carrier hundreds of kilometers away in the Mediterranean Sea, they are not foolish enough to unilaterally send troops into this engagement.

You may not like it, but Turnbull is right - for the moment. If Abbott were still PM, his rethoric would be more jingoistic, but his policy would be exactly/exactly the same.


I think poll results would indicate he is far better at communicating with the electorate than Tony Abbott. Long term we will have to wait and see.


Look out for the "disposable" conservatives lining up to vote. They will resemble donkeys.
LNP in for a big shock.
Who in their right mind would vote Labor or Greens. At this point there isn't any alternative available.

Michelle Two

"Nincompoop" I haven't heard that word for a long time my nan used to use it..

Michelle Two

From what I hear Putin in making inroads and wants to stop this threat... As I have said before this war has many fronts and complexities each nation will do its part until a solution and one common aim/goal is found it will be something that will unite the world and bring about change the ideology itself has to come from a change and reformation of the people that practice it so they will have to see the death and destruction of their own people of this faith is not getting them anywhere where fear and death are involved this ideology has many faces as well depending on what each soul has learnt thorugh this belief system every soul is at different level of spirituality no matter what religion or belief is held..
ISLAMIC STATE (ISIS) is facing an unprecedented aerial bombardment after Russia and the West finally agreed to team up and blast the evil jihadis back to the Middle Ages.
Vladimir Putin came in from the cold as relations between Moscow and Western leaders thawed over a combined desire to see the terrorist hate group wiped off the face of the earth.

In a landmark announcement the US and Russian led coalitions currently operating in Syria agreed to put aside disagreements over the future of dictator Bashar al-Assad to focus all their firepower on jihadi militants.

Michelle Two

What sort of troops or numbers of armed forces does Russia have???
He is placing sanctions between the countries so freezing out trade this needs to happen with those that are funding ISIS as with no money they will be stopped in their tracks and those doing the funding will be isolated from the rest of the world most nations do trade for self serving reasons so it will end up being a balance of doing what is right to stop ISIS and the death cult when it comes down to the crunch for more destruction of innocent western lives will come....


Turnbull is nothing other than a weak kneed wimp. Way, way, way out of his league. How on earth can a clown like that get to be a Prime Minister of a first world Country with extraordinary potential. He is not worth one second of our time. If this man is elected we will be stuffed.

FB Of Perth

Malcolm is not whistling Dixie on his own there are probably only a couple of politicians who have the interests of the people of Australia as their reasons for doing their job. Some are well paid to be at the beck and call of the unions and the rest are there because of the well paid job and all the extra's they get. As for the Greens and the looney tunes in the Senate they are there for the most on the preferences of the above self interested groups. If voting was not compulsory it would be very interesting to see how many would actually bother.

little t

A news story on channel 7 Qld Sunday night following a fatal stabbing in Bundaberg, police are searching for some bloke surname Turnbull. The last line of the story got my attention,
`Police say Turnbull is dangerous and should not be approached'.
When will the rest of Australia come to the same conclusion.


The polls would suggest you will be disappointed, but don't worry I will also be disappointed, but for a different reason. Remember it is a Liberal Party, not a conservative party.


Hitler was far more powerful and dangerous than IS. That is not to say IS is not a significant threat but it is not a nation state with a navy and air force, so to compare them with Hitler is significantly overstating the threat they pose.


The scent is sweeter than that of Abbott.


And if Tony had been doing a good job, none of this would have happened.


Couldn't agree more.


An essay that's well worth a read...something wicked this way comes.


First class spin. He spoke for 2.5 minutes, and nobody knows what he said. Least of all himself. And I thought only GilLard could waffle on for several minutes, and say absolutely nothing.

Tony H

We live in hope! This scum bag was also involved in the HIH Scandal, people were jailed including Rodney Adler, but the lawyer Turnbull escaped scrutiny, sound familiar?

Tony H

Jade your analogy is incorrect! The Russians invaded Afghanistan to militarily take it over. We did not, we have helped restore and maintain self Government and train their forces which are doing quite well thankyou very much. We were/ are not at war with the people of Afghanistan, unlike the USSR. The IS have tried uncursions into Afghanistan but funny enough were blunted by the Taliban in a turf war. The Taliban are still there along with Alqaeda but do not have the support of the majority Afghans. Most of their incursions come from Pakistan, the birth place of the Taliban. So please do not make out our efforts have been a failure when they have not. It's an jnsult to the thousands of ADF personnel that have served there and to those that have died.

Tony H

Not wrong Dennis, I am livid and will never forget. His so called loyal servants were mostly those that came into office in 2013, they owed Abbott forheir place and how do they repay him, they stab him in the back and stand with Turdbull! They should all be made to pay and I hope he along with Bishop lose their seats at the next election.

Tony H

Neville Chamberlain looks like a genius military strategist alongside the exalted, divine supreme communicator Turdbull. How did we get to this point? How does a man who dragged his party from desolation to a massive landslide victory get slam dunked by his own party. We should all not allow these scum bags to forget their heinous betrayal, especially Bishop, Hendy, Wyatt Roy, Pyne et al.

doubting Murray

OK, Mr Turnbull, you're going to find a political solution in the Middle East.
Does it not occur to you that if a political solution were possible it would have been found?
You think there have been no attempts to find a political solution?
So what is your Plan B?
When you finally discover that there is no political solution what do you plan?
You'll have to talk about that?
What a great and astute leader you are!


there are two choices
1. the national party
2. newly formed party Australian Liberty Alliance , check them out.


Has the Great Communicator ever finished a bloody sentence.
Truly the Waffling Wanker from Wentworth.

Wayne H

Hi Annette, ALA = Australian Liberty Alliance , google it , I believe it is an excellent alternative. regards Wayne H.


He got slam dunked because despite his previous successes it was perceived he was about to lead them over a very steep cliff.

St. Ggeorge

Craig - Turnbull's policy was reaffirmed tonight on Pual Murray's program, with Maj General Morrison (rtd - Last posting Head of Joint Chiefs) said that the governments response to Paris and ISIL was "Absolutely correct). Murray wasn't happy with the response.

Michelle Two

Looks like the dream is starting to fall apart for Mal and he was hoping for a united party after what he did...
Ian McFarlane has defected to the Nationals and Cory Bernardi will cross the floor on a deal Mal done with the Greens over companies and Tax..
Ian McFarlane actually voted for Turnbull and then got shafted by him from his position on the frontbench in the reshuffle.. a few more are considering the same move I suppose that will depend on Mal and if he pisses them off a bit with his actions and ignorance of the party's decisions in the board room..

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