The ABC's environment reporter Sara Philips labels Paris Climate Conference "a party"
I'm very late to this party nackers

The 2nd largest military contribution in the fight against ISIS is led by this man. He has ANFI

Thank God history delivered Churchill not Turnbull to deal with the Nazis.

"The key to the resolution of this discord between the Jewish peoples in all their manifestations and the peoples of the Schutzstaffel ies in creating a new Modus Vivendi as between these disparate groups.   Like anyone, I have been moved by the images of Jews being gassed and cremated, particularly the cute children,  however there is no use in name-calling.   The Waffen SS is weak compared to the forces arrayed against them and we must all learn to work together to develop this solution, if you will the new Malcolm Modus Vivendi.  Now the important thing to remember here is that I have registered the hashtag Malcolm-Modus-Vivendi, so please make sure that there is attribution to me and let me know if anyone else uses Modus Vivendi please, thanks........"

Malcolm you should be asked to resign.   One side in this battle with the Islamists will win.   One side will lose.

If you had honour you would resign - but you don't so we have to deal with you as you are.  

You have absolutely no f*cking idea old mate.   Watch a few videos of head loppings followed by video of your waffle in response.

To the rest of the world, particularly the victims of ISIS, know that this is the leader of the second largest global military contribution to the fight against the barbarians.   Listen to him tell you all about his "Absolutely No Flaming Idea" strategy to deliver you from hell.

The date of this exposition of incompetence is 24 November, 2015.   A date that should live in jumping the shark infamy.