Compare the last two union/construction industry Royal Commissions with the TURC's final report - not much has changed.
Chairman Mal is absolutely committed to reforming the unions, that is if something doesn't get in the way like "if'"

Patrician, impassive, the quintessence of jurisprudential exactitude - only Brendan O'Connor could call Dyson Heydon a "sleazy tabloid sub-editor"

This man is the alternate Minister of the Crown for workplace relations.

Commissioner Heydon and his staff have produced a formidable body of work, 500 witnesses etc etc etc - and O'Connor has the temerity to characterise the Final Report as the work of a "sleazy tabloid sub-editor".

But then he has form in the lousy, mean-spirited having a go at people department.

On a day of high fire danger.

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2013 Tasmanian bushfires Tasmania 20,000+ ha 4 January 2013 1 At least 170 buildings
2013 Wambelong bushfire New South Wales 54,000 ha 18 January 2013 0 At least 53 homes, 118 sheds, agricultural machinery and livestock. Infrastructure destroyed at Siding Spring Observatory.[42]

As Stu of NT points out, Mr O'Connor is not without connections right into union heartland.



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Finally a reminder about dish it out but can't take it O'Connor - here's the alternate Minister of the Crown's approach to keeping those who displease him informed.

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