An extraordinary level of coordination between Julia Gillard and Bruce Wilson's visits to Western Australia - for two people who never discussed the AWU WRA Inc
NSW Judge "if police are the targets of terrorists, I do not want police in my court, they can give evidence by video.."

The picture about Yvonne and Ralph and Julia and Bruce is now a lot clearer

Who was the minister responsible for WA's Corporate Affairs Commission in June, 1992?

This extract from the WA Government Gazette tells us that old mate Yvonne Henderson was away from her job until  21 June, 1992.

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On 23 June 1992, Yvonne Henderson convened a meeting between representatives of the government, the company and the union to find a solution to the Hamersley dispute.   As discussed in the previous article, it's reasonable to infer that Ms Gillard was present during those discussions.   Bruce Wilson remembers Ms Gillard arguing the case for incorporation.........

On 24 June, 1992, after the application was lodged in April and after the May payment of a fee for Ministerial Review (just before Yvonne went on leave), the AWU WRA Inc was finally incorporated!

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This 14 July, 1992 press release from the same Minister Henderson noteworthy.

Campaign for health and safety representatives

Tuesday, 14 July 1992
'Every workplace should have one' - that is the slogan that will be on billboards all around Perth from today.
The billboard goes on to say: 'Elect a health and safety representative'.
Workplaces in Western Australia have the right to a health and safety representative, but there is a serious lack of them.
Today Productivity and Labour Relations Minister Yvonne Henderson helped paste the first message on a billboard in Yokine.
"This striking message is part of the Government's campaign to encourage the appointment of health and safety representatives, who play a vital role in making workplaces safe and healthy," Mrs Henderson said.
"It is the right of every workplace to have a representative, and when this right is not exercised, the health and safety of those in the workplace is not fully guarded.
"Among other things, health and safety representatives help consultation between workers and management. They alert management to possible problems and help to resolve the problems through consultation.
"It is easier for workers to understand health and safety laws through these representatives.
"There can be many reasons why some workplaces do not have health and safety representatives, including management which does not give sufficiently high priority to these concerns, and workplaces which have a big number of workers whose first language is not English."
Department of Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare figures show that, out of some 80,000 workplaces in this State, around 6,200 health and safety representatives have been trained.
"There are more representatives in unionised workplaces, but non-unionised workplaces need to be aware that they, too, have a right to representatives," Mrs Henderson said.
"The law provides protection for workers and supports their requests for health and safety representatives.
"The Government is keen to support the representatives in their efforts to lessen the incidence of injury and disease in the workplace, and supports approved training once those people are elected.
"WA's occupational health, safety and welfare legislation is working well, but thousands of workplaces could be safer with an on-site representative.
"Once workers at any worksite request a health and safety representative, the process of electing one is mandatory."
Because with amazing prescience, the AWU WA Branch knew all about the campaign in June, 1992 and was there ready to back Yvonne up to the hilt!
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