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8 Muslim men attack decorated Australian veteran and his wife on Victorian beach, Australia Day

David Morrison - Australia must change to suit Muslims. On Muslim problems with West, "that's OK".

Australian of the year David Morrison says:

  • We discriminate against Muslims so we must change.
  • Islam has problems with us "but that's OK".

Morrison has found love with the luvvies.   Thank God he won't be leading our warriors into battle, not that he ever did.

David, you have lost your morality.  Your judgement is gone.   Retaining the love of the luvvies drives you.  That's why you are so dangerous.

We are at war with Islamists because of what you quaintly call "Issues within the Islamic community".  

Do you really think the Islamist community will solve the "issues" by themselves?

If "that's OK", slip over to Syria and let them know will you?

The rest of us will continue with the military strategy you can't be trusted with.

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Australian of the Year David Morrison says religious discrimination is "without a doubt" alive and well, pointing to the Islamic community as the subject of particularly unfair commentary and calling for Australians to understand the challenges they face.

The morning after he received the top Australia Day award at a ceremony in Canberra for his work in striving for gender equality, the former Army chief told ABC News Breakfast that Australia should not allow discrimination of any kind.

"We hold people back in this country for the most peculiar of reasons — their gender or the god they believe in or the colour of their skin or sexual orientation," he said.

"It's not how we should progress."

Lieutenant General Morrison, who retired last year after 36 years with the Army, said the Islamic community in particular was facing significant challenges in Australia.

"Without doubt there has been a great focus on the Islamic community; a lot of the commentary I think has been very unfair," General Morrison said.

"I think we need to listen to the men and women of Islamic faith who are part of Australia's society.

"We need to understand the challenges they face.

"We need to see where the rest of Australia can work with them.

"And, of course, there are issues within the Islamic community that only they can solve, but that's OK."

ENDS - original ABC interview here

"And, of course, there are issues within the Islamic community that only they can solve, but that's OK."


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Further issues within the Islamic community 

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Child dressed as Jihadi beheads Teddy Bear.

British henchmen of Jihadi John giggle watching beheading video

"That's my boy", Sydney child holds up severed head

The material makes me feel too ill to go on.   That stuff makes me very sick, but something here is worse.  You David.  Anyone who could say "but that's OK" about this stuff is no Australian of the Year.