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Good on Sam Maiden! A Division One Victim Package was hers for the taking...................

Good on Sam Maiden.

After the text affair Sam's a star.  

A dignified,, capable Australian woman who just wants to get on with it.  

Sam could have built a future career on the strength of the past few days.  She had everything for a Division One payout.   A Minister in a Liberal Government had called her a mad f*cking witch in writing!   How good/bad was that?

Penny Wong got excited about it.   The misogyny industry had a new darling.   Sam just had to flick the feign-switch to outrage and tell us how bad it was.

Imagine the drama Anne Summers would have made,  or that blond girl who used to read the news.   We'd never hear the end of the pain, suffering and flow on effects to women everywhere who are  already suffering disproportionately from climate change.

Instead, Sam was a normal person, she accepted Peter Dutton's apology and it's over.

Sam the Star ascended above the fray, while Finger-Troubles-Dutto was left looking like a bit of a goose.

On Sunday the front page of the papers said

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 12.54.08 am

Sam's story gave chapter and verse about Jamie Briggs getting full as a boot in Hong Kong.  On official business.   Under the gaze of those helpful chaps from the Chinese ministry who are always around to record the important events in an Australian Minister's time in the SAR.  Sam's was a legitimate story whether you agree with Turnbull sacking Briggs or not.  

Sam's last few paragraphs follow:


The cabinet governance committee that ruled on the matter was “deeply troubled’’, according to some reports.

Well, not all of them. The majority of his cabinet colleagues were appalled and dismayed by Briggs’ conduct.

The term self sabotage is the one that comes immediately to mind. It’s true that Briggs’ close mate Peter Dutton had some concerns about the outcome but the ultimate decision was unanimous. Let me spell it out.

Briggs got the boot because his alcoholic intake left him running the risk of behaving like Les Patterson when representing Australia abroad.

He had a chief of staff, Eaton, who managed to lose his taxpayer-funded ­mobile phone on a Hong Kong bar crawl. That’s pretty loose.

And when confronted by a young woman who said Briggs was invading her space on the night in the bar, Eaton elected not to tell Briggs to get into a cab but tell the female to stand closer to him, not the minister. The next morning, the minister breakfasted on McDonald’s nursing a hangover. Yes, seriously. He confirmed his Maccas brekkie on social media and then whinged on Facebook: “Bag-less in Honkers, thanks Qantas.”

Yes, minister. The official charge may have been conduct unbecoming. It was also about as dumb as all get out.

Jamie Briggs and Peter Dutto are good mates.  I've been out on it with Dutto a few times, he's good company and loyal to his friends.  But Dutto was on the committee that unanimously found against Jamie Briggs over the grog affair.  He probably felt the need to break the ice with Briggs after Sam's story.  

Dutton's first blue was thinking it might help to blame Maiden the messenger, rather than helping a mate wake up to the damage the grog was doing to him.  The second blue probably owes more to Sigmund Freud than finger troubles.  "Must make sure Sam Maiden never finds out" is not a good thought to have while addressing a text about Sam Maiden.

Jamie Briggs could do with good mates right now.   He would have the mother of all remorses to deal with.   How would you be delivering the "Yeah good thanks darl, good trip, achieved a lot for Australia.   Oh and there'll be this thing in the papers about allegations about grog and stuff and me and this girl and stuff.   Oh and I've been demoted from the ministry so there'll be about $8,000 per month less going into the bank, probably won't be so bad after tax.  And don't worry about the Visa card bill, I've had them diverted to the office because there's been mail getting knocked off from this street so....yeah.   How was tennis?"