The horrifying effect of policies Sarah Hanson Young wants here - 13 year old white girl held and raped for 30 hours by Muslims
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If they're fair dinkum and up for it, we should find & promote Muslims who stand up to Islamists like the men in this video

This promo for Britain's Channel 4 and its documentary on the UK's Islamists was released a few hours ago.

It's not a whole story, it's necessarily superficial and one-dimensional.   But those moments of people who just want a better life in the West without the fire and brimstone are quite moving, they left me with a pretty powerful impression.

Islam needs the sort of formal reformation that implicitly informs the opinions some of these blokes express.

Let's get behind that sort of thinking.   Then we can round up the Islamists and turn them into glass along with their Caliphate.