Losing our cool at Davos
Islamist movement strikes another blow for its destruction

Julie Bishop hard at it in New York trying on clothes #fashiondiplomacy

I hope Foreign Minister Julis Bishop has her priorities right.  She seems to spend a lot of time on #fashiondiplomacy

Andrew Robb is the Trade Minister.   Not a Tweet out of him.

I don't see other present or former MPs or ministers creating made-up hash-tags joining a personal interest with their portfolio.  #ThaiMassageInfrastructure #TurboRedRoomHealthService 

Bishop's fashion diplomacy under fire

  • AAP

FOREIGN Minister Julie Bishop has been accused of using fashion diplomacy as a self-promotional tool.

LABOR senator Sam Dastyari took issue with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade devoting public diplomacy funds to a hashtag #fashiondiplomacy initiative in the wake of the Australia Network's demise.

The Abbott government axed the Australia Network - the ABC's international broadcasting arm - in 2014.

Senator Dastyari accused Ms Bishop of using the project for self promotion.

"I'm opposed to an initiative that's about glorifying the foreign minister," he told a Senate estimates hearing in Canberra on Thursday.

"To me it looks like an opportunity for the minister to do 11 profile stories about fashion diplomacy."

Ms Bishop signed a memorandum of understanding between DFAT and the Australian Fashion Chamber at an Sydney event in September which attracted Australia's fashion elite.

Australia will have fashion events in New York, Paris, Istanbul, Jakarta and New Delhi to promote designers and labels.

Senator Dastyari asked officials whether fashion diplomacy was a better way of doing public diplomacy compared to the axed Australia Network.

Attorney-General George Brandis said it was a core function of DFAT to promote Australian industry, commerce, style and way of life.

Senator Brandis accused Senator Dastyari of ridiculing the Australian fashion industry with his "foolish line of questioning".

Senator Dastyari also inquired about Trade Minister Andrew Robb's involvement in the fashion diplomacy project.

DFAT officials had briefed him on the initiative but he was yet to participate in any of the events.


Visit to the United States

Media release

20 January 2016

I will visit New York, Washington and Los Angeles from 21 to 31 January 2016 for the 2016 G’Day USA program, Australia’s premier public and economic diplomacy program in the United States.

I will promote Australia’s high growth economy and sophisticated, innovative culture and the opportunities this offers to leaders in American politics, business and creative industries.

In Washington I will discuss with senior members of the Obama Administration, Congressional leaders and leading policy thinkers our shared interests and challenges in the Indo-Pacific region. I will reinforce Australia’s commitment to the Australia-US Alliance and the global fight against terrorism. I will also deliver the G’Day USA annual foreign policy speech co-hosted by the United States Studies Centre and the Center for New American Security on Australia’s role in Asia.

In New York I will deliver the annual G’Day USA address on innovation and economic diplomacy, which will provide an opportunity to showcase the Government’s $1.1 billion National Innovation and Science Agenda.

In Los Angeles, I will be speaking at the University of California on foreign policy, and at RAND Corporation on the Middle East. I will also meet business leaders, including in the film and television industry.  

I will attend the G’Day USA Los Angeles Gala which will honour Dr George Miller with a G’Day USA Lifetime Achievement award in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the Australian creative arts sector and acclaimed global success, particularly through the Mad Max franchise.  

Mr Joel Edgerton will be honoured with the G'Day USA Excellence in Film award in recognition of his critical success as a writer, actor and director, most recently with his film “The Gift”.  




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John Greybeard

Senator D has a history of promoting the diversion of funding from sensible projects. Therefore he is capable of recognising similar activities from his opponents.
Julie Bishop changed and changed her appearance aome time before the assassination of Tony Abbott and I sensed a growing self-importance.
The rumour that she is about to be married (if true) will further complicate her attitude.
For a Government run by a former Banker this one is wasting money as fast as Labor.

St. George

Two Ministers in DFAT. Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Who would you rather see in a dress, representing Australia in Paris, New York, et al? Andrew Robb or Julie Bishop.

Why even comment on this. What is your point?

Michelle two

Julie Bishop has lost her way but found her inner ego the ego loves to play dress ups and elitist material things they help fill the void you see while you plot and plan to help get rid of a sitting PM.. When you trade your ego for your integrity you do end up losing your way, but your integrity and trust can be restored by facing your truth and standing up for the things that you believe in and that being not other peoples lies but standing up for what is right for humanity and not for things that will try and control humanity that are based on lies.

Edward James

But comming from a banking background he knows some banks are just to big to be let fail. Like the economies of countries. Powerful people will do whatever it takes to keep the rivers of borrowing revenue flowing! Edward James from the Dolls House


Her Saudi mates bombed the shit out of Yemen overnight and killed some more civilians.


Michel Lasouris

Ooohh That Samantha Dastyari is such a Bitch! Just coz she's not nice looking.
Nobody who bears a strong resemblance to Mr Bean could be called 'attractive' Sam. Get used to it!

John Greybeard

She now sings the Whiffenpoof song:
We are poor little lambs
Who have lost our way.
Baa! Baa! Baa!
We are little black sheep
Who have gone astray.
Baa! Baa! Baa!

And I say BAH too.


Seems to me both Dastyari and Bishop are simply attempting to draw attention to themselves. Isn't that what politicians seek do? And one must admit it is more difficult during the holiday season, so congratulations to them both.


How can I express in sufficient poetry my interest in ANYTHInG Julie bishop says or does. Fffffft


The Black Bishop, our own Lucrezia Borgia! Oh! she did grasp the nettle, and it stung.


Is she accompanied by her " wing man " as he seems to be joint at her hip supported by our credit card. Word on the street is that a conservative MP will be removed and the pilot fish gets the seat. Probably just another conspiracy theory...

Dennis Thompson

In Labor circles: "Dasher" Dastyari.


Liz of Vic


It is amazing, but it has been such a long time, since I found out what a stuck-up piece of s..t Bishop is.

I used to think, she was pretty smart, well perhaps she is that in a dirty kind of way, and I also thought she changed in front of our eyes before they put the knife into mr Abbott.

This fashion business is of course only to get the attention, probably to keep her Leader out of sight, as it is becoming so obvious how hopeless he is.

Well it is also becoming obvious that she is a real 'tart'.
Shame, that she does not do much for the pride of Australians.


Now that the Academy Awards have been tailor made for diversity, that useless dunce, scheming Julie Bishop will get an award for her stupidity and her greed.


This must seem like happy days, for her, then! - "Chaser/Julie Bishop death stare- via mumbrella" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Rpjp3BOdOU


I think we have all worked with the likes of this person! They have this natural ability to survive and appear shiney clean no matter how often you prove they are liars and cheaters and have no loyalty to anyone but themselves. It really is sickening. I can only hope the people in her electorate "see the light" at the next elections - I know it is a slim hope.

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