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Losing our cool at Davos

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(Peter Holmes a Court looks longingly at the new cool kids, wondering where it all went wrong)

It's a searingly honest report of one man's soul-searching in Switzerland, as he struggles with the loss of his cool.

Peter Holmes a Court writes from the World Economic Forum for The Australian.  

I think he misses Kevin Rudd.   A lot.  


At Davos forum it’s no longer cool to be Australian

I used to be cool. Or at least I felt cooler than I feel now.

I’ve always worn my Australianness on my sleeve, on my head in the felted way. It was my ticket to acceptance once I left the Fatal Shore, and continued to be a helpful social lubrication for the 50 per cent of my life that I have lived outside Australia — in Britain, Europe and now Africa.

Recently, it feels like the mood has changed.

 In a post-climate-change-agreement world, Australia seems like it is on the wrong side of history.....

I think Peter is on the money.  Being cool was a core Rudd value.   Let's face it, it's cool to give away money, nobody hates that guy.  KRudd was a master.  But he left us.

Gillard is now making a career out of deciding who gets free money for education.   That is very, very cool.   But Australia and Tim were too small for her.

Rudd and Gillard trashed the joint, but that's cool.

Peter's picking up on the "sensible adults are back in charge" vibe that descended on Australia during the Abbott years.  Boring.  No house fires from free insulation, no drownings from The Great Centrelink Sea Race, just  boring parents in charge.

So.   You know what's been happening with the world's cool kids?  

Well, Peter reckons he knows what's their greatest fear.

Donald Trump.  

Sorry, The Spectre of Donald Trump (maybe it's a movie?)  

Apparently Donald Trump said very, very uncool things about immigration:

Perhaps it is because people feel safe inside this security cordon, or perhaps we have become inured to the threats, so used to the regular attacks, that we fear the unknown — the rise of the far Right — more than what we all know is the certainty of another terror attack.

What would happen if a charismatic far-Right candidate were to get control of a major developed nation? This scares many, and particularly terrifies Europeans. This concern isn’t helped by the spectre of the American presidential candidate Donald Trump. While the Republican frontrunner is almost certain to fall before the election, his words have been heard around the world.

Cool people say cool things about the Middle East and the tide of refugees fleeing it.

It's an all male tide which goes out leaving the women and children behind to deal with the Caliphate. 

It's not cool to stay and fight Islamic State.  It is cool to shape up to European police who night trample on their right to rape kuffar chicks.  The new cool is weird, here's Peter:

And the mood here isn’t going Australia’s way either.

The voices here, at the top levels of politics and business, are vibrantly embracing what they see as the obligations to address the refugee crisis with humanity. 

Welcoming refugees isn’t seen as a core Australian value. 

And to put it frankly, Australia’s treatment of refugees, while seen from a policy perspective as being effective, isn’t seen as being cool.

It sounds almost like a crisis.   A crisis of cool.    

Peter don't worry mate, we were only uncool while Tony Abbott was running the show.

Chairman Mal is the quintessence of cool.

Once The Chairman reads this you can guarantee that for next year's Davos Forum, Coolness with be up with Innovation as core Malcolmite values.  The cash giveaways will be back, don't get the sads.

Meanwhile, there are openings now for The Cool with Canada.

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 12.03.44 am Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 12.03.23 am

Justin Trudeau hobnobbed with celebrities at Davos in the Swiss Alps for the World Economic Forum.

Canada's prime minister attended a private reception Wednesday hosted by Chinese business magnate and philanthropist Jack Ma. The roughly 40 guests included celebrity A-listers, such as U2 frontman Bono, and actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Kevin Spacey, all attending the WEF.

Trudeau distances himself from Harper at World Economic Forum in Davos

Nenshi calls out Trudeau on 'resourcefulness' comments

Trudeau's political honeymoon the envy of world leaders in Davos

Sources tell CBC News that Trudeau had the chance to chat with Bono, whose advocacy work on a variety of issues has made him a regular at the annual Davos summit, as well as House of Cards star Spacey, who plays the president of the United States in the popular Netflix series, and is speaking at the summit Thursday about the "theatricality of American politics in this election year."

(Oh My God!!!!!   That is Kevin Spacey checking his phone!!!!!  Imagine the two Kevins!!!!!   Oh My God!!!!)

Oscar-nominated star DiCaprio, who received an award at the WEF summit on Tuesday for his work on environmental causes, arrived as Trudeau was about to leave, and they also had a brief chat. 


Peter console your coolness with KRUDD The Wedding Crasher of global events.

Suddenly Canada is looking very, very cool.  KRudd cool!!   Good luck with that.