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If they're fair dinkum and up for it, we should find & promote Muslims who stand up to Islamists like the men in this video

This promo for Britain's Channel 4 and its documentary on the UK's Islamists was released a few hours ago.

It's not a whole story, it's necessarily superficial and one-dimensional.   But those moments of people who just want a better life in the West without the fire and brimstone are quite moving, they left me with a pretty powerful impression.

Islam needs the sort of formal reformation that implicitly informs the opinions some of these blokes express.

Let's get behind that sort of thinking.   Then we can round up the Islamists and turn them into glass along with their Caliphate.


The horrifying effect of policies Sarah Hanson Young wants here - 13 year old white girl held and raped for 30 hours by Muslims

This link will take you to the source for this unimaginable outrage to civilisation - Germany's Epoch Times.

A rough Google translation of that article is at the bottom of this post.   

This video has a reasonable effort at English translation embedded, the little girl's cousin is speaking to locals.

I'd be grateful to German or Russian speakers who might help with the gist of this video.


Berlin: 13-year-old migrant kidnapped and raped for 30 hours

Epoch Times, Sunday, January 17 2016 14:22
A 13-year-old German-Russian was kidnapped these days in Berlin and held captive by three unknowns for 30 hours and repeatedly raped. Various Russian media reported the incident.
German-Russians in Marzahn went with indignation on the road.
German-Russians in Marzahn went with indignation on the road.
The German-Russian community is appalled by a crime, be silent about the German police and the media. Because of the spiral of silence is raging in the social media dispute whether the message truth or "right propaganda" was - the victims described the perpetrators as "Arab men." Epoch Times called the Berlin police and received from a spokeswoman for the following official statement:

"After the police investigation, there was neither abduction nor rape. Further details are not disclosed to protect the personality. "

When asked, the spokeswoman said, adding that the investigation had not yet been completed, but that this is the result of the previous investigation was.

What did happen?

On January 11, the 13-year-old disappeared in the morning on the way to school and the police published an APB. Tuesday noon of the following day she reappeared. According to the company they had been abducted by "Arab men" who had her blindfolded, they kidnapped in an apartment and they were detained for 30 hours against their will and repeatedly raped. The crime scene is suspected near Falkenberg.

After she was released in Hellersdorf middle, the girl had rung with strangers, to seek help.

The German-Russian community reacted in horror. In Berlin-Marzahn German-Russians went to demonstrate in the street, like a television report of the transmitter "Perwij Kanal Berlin" shows.

It looked like routine

The APB, had been wanted by after the girl.
The APB, had been wanted by after the girl.
Photo: Youtube / Screenshot Perwij channel Berlin

The members believe that the 13-year-old was not an isolated case and the perpetrators do something more.

Beginning had the family been afraid to come to the press because it feared a possible revenge of the perpetrators - then you have but nevertheless decided to go public because they hope to be able to protect other children from a similar fate so the aunt of the girl against the TV station.The parents and the victim were under a severe shock, which is why they informative, so the aunt. One of the kidnappers had initially placed the girl under a pretext to get into his car. They then realized quickly that she was not alone with him. They also testified that, just a bed and a mattress was in the room in which she was abducted - nothing else. She was immediately thrown and raped by the three offenders on the bed. She was also beaten.

The Russian TV channels was referring in his report also a video one that posted the hacker group Anonymous.Kollektiv on 14 January. A several-year-old video, which describes in detail with an immigrant background, an unknown German, as he together with six other people an underage girl raped, the "virgin" was. Critics imputed Anonymous, so propaganda to drive.The current family concerned, however, raises serious allegations against the police.

Cousin denounces police

The NPD Berlin Marzahn-Hellersdorf took the story to demonstrate on January 16 in Marzahn against "Sexual Violence" and the failure of the rule of law. At the rally, said the audibly agitated cousin of the victim, which raised serious allegations against the police.

The cousin explained that the police filed no charges against the perpetrators.Officials had the 13-year-old during a three-hour interrogation, which took place isolated and without an accompanying person, laughed at, mocked and falsehood accused - until she had collapsed and the presentation of the police had agreed - namely that the rape had not taken place, that it is only should look like and that they which have willed it so 13-year-old. The girl was therefore forced by law enforcement officers to a false statement on their tormentors.

The family now comes with a lawyer against these measures. There is a medical document confirming the rape.

The German wave published now a long report in Russian, who called the message a lie.

Should correspond to the allegations made ​​by the family of the truth, they are strongly reminiscent of the abuse scandal of Rotherham, where for decades white girls were raped organized by a Pakistani-britsch clique and the police deliberately turned a blind eye.

How Bob Carter cost me a career - and made me a better person

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 4.13.29 pm

In 2006 I must have been a part of the target market for Al Gore's monster money-spinner "An Inconvenient Truth".

I was comfortably enjoying the fruits of a reasonably successful corporate career, transitioning to what consultants call a 'portfolio lifestyle' with a few board directorships.   I had time on my hands and even now I can remember seeing ads and articles for Gore's horrifying story of calamity everywhere.

I couldn't get to the Boondall Cinemas in Brisbane quickly enough.  On my way out I walked through a throng of school kids playing Space Invaders and pinball machines.   Gore's movie moved me so much I remember looking at the kids thinking "you poor buggers, we've stuffed the earth up and you are doomed".   Gore must have been right, he was the Vice President of the USA and he had a PowerPoint Chart so big he needed a cherry-picker to get to the top of his graph.   Remember the graph?   The CO2 graph that proved everything?

I was working with a lot of very very smart people at the University of Queensland as the Chairman of the Business School's advisory board.  The business school was quite entrepreneurial and responded like a flash to demand for skilled leaders the world needed if we were to tackle global warming.   I spoke at conferences to promote the University's carbon accounting finance courses and the like - and I put my heart into it as a true believer.

That is until I spoke with Bob.   Bob changed my life.   He was the person who opened my eyes to the way facts can be manipulated.   More than anyone else, Bob demonstrated the quiet truth about our susceptibility to power and big lies repeated often.

By January 2007 I'd been given the privilege of presenting a one-hour nightly radio show on Brisbane's talk-back station Radio 4BC.   Within months that grew to a 3 hour show during the 3 to 6PM Drive Time.   One of my first guests was Bob.

I thought it would make good radio to hear "Mr Full Bottle On The Inconvenient Truth"  slaughter the eccentric old salmon swimming upstream.   I lasted about 30 seconds before the wily bugger had me on the canvas with his first knock-out punch.

I'd made the error of asking Bob for his opinion after my perfect opening monologue.   Bob said, "I don't have an opinion.   I am a scientist.   I don't deal in opinion.  I deal in facts.   Observable, proven facts.  I deal with the scientific method,  making observations, doing experiments and arriving at conclusions.   Your starting point seems to be an unproven hypothesis based on computer projections.  Do you have any facts to back up your claims about global warming?"

It got worse for me from that point on.

Bob changed me in a fundamental way.   He was courageous in a way I'd not experienced at close quarters.  About 6 months after my first Road to Damascus encounter with Bob, I flew to Townsville, home to Bob's Alma Mater James Cook University for the Festival of Chamber Music.   Bob had been the head of the University's School of Earth Sciences and was granted something of a laureate professorship in his semi-retirement.   I'd travelled with Queensland's Governor Dame Quentin Bryce and my parter was the editor of Limelight magazine, the sponsor of the Festival.   I remember the small talk at a cocktail party coming to a crashing halt when I was introduced to a professor from James Cook.  I said, "Oh you must be very proud of Professor Carter, he's making quite a name for himself on global warming."   I felt the colour rise up my neck - but imagine the reservoirs of courage Bob must have had to walk the corridors of stares and whispers.

Bob was undeservedly treated like a pariah.  I never saw or heard anyone successfully challenge Bob on questions of fact, nor on the product of his application of the scientific method.   But he wasn't trendy.   He wasn't fashionable.   And in academia in Australia in the time of global warming, he was sure-fire poison for any university's government funding tree.

Bob gave me the model that helped as I searched my soul for the courage to speak when it's costly.   Soon after Bob opened my eyes to the facts on the anthropogenic global warming theory I was invited to interview the then Vice Chancellor of the University of Queensland Professor Paul Greenfield AO on 4BC's prime time radio show in Brisbane.   Rudd was PM and global warming was the golden-egg layer for universities in search of funding.   I was invited to become the former chairman of the UQ business school board quite soon after that friendship-testing and very public conversation.

Bob copped that crap everywhere.   He got it from both sides of politics, Turnbull, Wong, Rudd.  He was perfect curmudgeonly fodder for the Twitter generation, the depth of whose analysis is limited to 140 characters.  We are much, much better for Bob's persistence in the face of all that.

I can't recall where I first heard Clifford Stoll's quote, but it seems apt in reflecting on Bob's legacy.

Data is not information.

Information is not knowledge.

Knowledge is not understanding.

Understanding is not wisdom.

The late Professor Bob Carter was a wise man.  Thank you for your service to science - and much, much more.

Vale Bob.

PS - Bob could you get one of the Angels to drop down and take the football that's lodged in my throat after putting your photo up on this page?   You will be very sorely missed old mate.  I'll have a few in your honour.



Timeline - Malcolm Turnbull's strongly held view that Islamic terror has nothing to do with Islam

28 February 2011

On ABC QandA - on the proposition Islamic schools in Indonesia had links to terrorism

No. No. No. That is not the - well, that's the principle the gentleman at the back is putting up and I respectfully disagree with him. I think it is very important that we continue to spend generously but, above all, effectively on foreign aid. You've got to get value and effectiveness for your dollar and that's actually that's much harder than finding the dollars.

Let me just say one thing about Islam though and Islamic, you know, schools. Is was a great mistake to assume that all Islamic schools, you know, are homes for teaching extremism. I mean that's absurd. I mean Islam is an ancient religion of great scholarship.

I mean for heaven sake much of our learning and culture came to us from the Muslims, just like, you know, our whole system of numbers and much of the learning of the ancient Greeks only survived because of the Arab scholars and the Islamic scholars. So, you know, the idea that Islam is antithetical to learning or culture or scholarship is absurd.

Now, you know, it's a great tradition. It is important for us that we promote and encourage Islamic traditions which are moderate, which support freedom, which support democracy and which support Australian values not in the sense of Aussie values but in the sense of democracy, rule of law, tolerance, freedom. That's what we're talking about and they are universal values.


16 February 2015

Parliament House, Canberra, Turnbull motion on Lindt Cafe siege

Does not mention Islam. "Our strongest armour is in our hearts, we defy the terrorists with love'.


27 June 2015

Tony Abbott says Islamic State 'coming after us' after spate of terror attacks overseas

Updated 27 Jun 2015, 2:42pm

Terror attacks overseas show fundamentalist militants are threatening Australia, Prime Minister Tony Abbott has said.

"This illustrates yet again, as far as the Daesh death cult is concerned, they're coming after us," he said in response to recent attacks in France, Tunisia and Kuwait.

"We may not feel like we are at war with them, but they are certainly at war with us."


8 July 2015

Malcolm Turnbull warns against overstating threat of Islamic State, denies comments directed at PM

Updated 8 Jul 2015, 6:17am

Malcolm Turnbull has downplayed threats to national security from the Islamic State (IS) militant group, warning against turning the counter-terrorism debate into a "caricature".

The Communications Minister denied the comments were directed at Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who consistently refers to IS as a "death cult" and has warned Australians the group is "coming to get" them.

In his prepared comments, Mr Turnbull said the danger posed by IS was not as grave as past threats to national security, such as Adolf Hitler.

"Daesh is not Hitler's Germany, Tojo's Japan or Stalin's Russia.

"Its leaders dream that they, like the Arab armies of the seventh and eighth century, will sweep across Middle East into Europe itself. They predict that before long they will be stabling their horses in the Vatican.

"Well, Idi Amin wasn't the king of Scotland either. We should be careful not to say or do things which can be seen to add credibility to these delusions."

"Tough policies can be popular — they may even be justified at the time they are conceived — but they can still be a mistake," he added, citing the 2003 United States invasion of Iraq as an example.

Laws which damaged individual freedoms played into terrorists' hands, Mr Turnbull argued.

"It's important to remember too that people in societies with an equal determination to defeat terrorism, a current threat, can have different views on what is the right balance and indeed what the right measures are.

Cabinet leaks in May revealed Mr Abbott and a group of ministers including Mr Turnbull disagreed over a policy proposal to give the Immigration Minister the power to strip the citizenship of Australian nationals.


15 September 2015

Prime Minister Turnbull

Turnbull asks for leadership spill, with support of 54 turncoats defeats Prime Minister Abbott to become PM


2 October 2015 - morning

Malcolm Turnbull to reset terror pitch to Muslims


Islamic community leader Jamal Rifi in Canberra. ‘I believe Malcolm Turnbull will be more mature.’ Picture: Gary Ramage

Malcolm Turnbull will seek to ­recast the government’s relationship with Muslims through more co-operative and inclusive policies....

The move will see the new Prime Minister avoid the blunt and often divisive language used by his predecessor Tony Abbott, which alienated many in the ­Islamic community......

The Australian understands that Mr Turnbull will adopt a new, more inclusive tone in dealing with the Islamic community and has discussed the issue with ­Foreign Minister Julie Bishop and Justice Minister Michael Keenan, who both urged him to take the fresh approach.

The move, which represents a departure from the policies of the Abbott government, will be embraced by the country’s Muslims, according to community leader and GP Jamal Rifi.

“It is definitely needed and definitely welcomed — the larger Muslim community will respond with open arms,” Dr Rifi told The Australian.

He said the Muslim community was “elated” at Mr Turnbull becoming Prime Minister as the relationship with the government under Mr Abbott had become “extremely tense and hurtful”.

“Unfortunately, under the ­pre­vious government we felt power­ we hope that the shackles are off".


2 October 2015 - afternoon

NSW accountant Curtis Cheung shot dead by Farhad Khalil Mohammad Jabar

Wearing black clothing from head to toe, Farhad Khalil Mohammad Jabar went from Friday prayers at the Parramatta Mosque to NSW Police headquarters armed with a handgun supplied by a contact made at the Mosque.

Video footage obtained by Channel Seven shows the 15-year-old jogging past the Charles Street entrance while holding his gun above his head.

"He was holding his gun and he opened fire twice and then he did a little dance ... I was very shocked to see what he was doing," witness Roopal told Seven News.

He is heard shouting Allah-uh Akhbar at three special constables.

Video footage showing Farhad Khalil Mohammad Jabar pointing a gun at an officer has emerged.

The constables raced  from the building after Farhad walked up behind police accountant Curtis Cheng, 58, and shot him in the back of the head. 


Farhad Khalil Mohammad Jabar.

Farhad Khalil Mohammad Jabar.

Special constables stood over the body while another officer in plain clothes had his hands on his knees.

NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione said he was touched by the bravery the special constables had shown.

"I don't know that I've seen a greater act of bravery than what I saw last night with these three special constables."

3 October 2015

Prime Minister Turnbull statement from his website - killing was "politically motivated"

Parramatta police station tragedy

3rd October 2015  |  0 Comments  |  Speeches

We should live our lives normally. Especially on this Grand Final weekend.

this appears to have been an act of politically motivated violence so at this stage it appears to have been an act of terrorism. It is a shocking crime. It was a cold-blooded murder, targeting the NSW Police Service.

It was doubly shocking because it was perpetrated by a 15-year-old boy and it underlines the importance of families, communities, leaders being very aware of whether young people are becoming radicalised. It is also important that to remember that the Australian Muslim community will be especially appalled and shocked by this.


It is important to remember what I said at the outset, however, that we are utterly determined, totally united, professional and committed to ensuring Australia and its people are safe.  It's also important to understand the critical importance of the collaboration, co-operation with the Muslim community. Efforts to blame or vilify the Muslim community are utterly counterproductive.

And so, today is Grand Final weekend. We go on, we lead our lives, we are a strong and confident nation. 


9 October 2015

From Turnbull's website - no mention of Islam

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull convenes meeting to counter violent extremism


11 October 2015

From Turnbull's website - no mention of Islam

Government Condemns Terrorist Attack in Turkey


14 November 2015

From Turnbull's website - no mention of Islam - terror carried out in the name of God with capital G

Statement – Paris terrorist attack

......protecting freedom, is a global battle. It is a global struggle for freedom against those who seek to suppress it and seek to assert some form of religious tyranny; a threat in the name of God but is truthfully the work of the devil.


15 November 2015 - Islamic State is completely contrary to precepts of Islam

Interview with Barrie Cassidy, ABC Insiders 


Well, we cannot allow our national security or our national security policies to be dictated to by terrorists. They want us to bend to their will and we will not. They want us to be frightened. They want us to change the way we go about our lives. They want us to back off standing up for freedom and standing up for the values that we are committed to. They want to establish, as they have done in parts of Syria and Iraq, in this region, they want to be able to establish a religious tyranny, one that, as the President of Indonesia was saying to me only a few days ago, one that is at odds, completely contrary, to the precepts of Islam........

......... these terrorists commit a double crime. They are murderers. They are mass murderers. They are barbarians but at the same time, they also defame religion. They defame, they blaspheme, they defame Islam.

This is - this challenge, this threat from terrorists who murder in the name of God but are utterly godless, they're very much in the forefront of the thinking of the leaders of leading Muslim nations, and they recognise that these people are defaming the religion of their own countries.


24 November 2015 - "ISIL" is weak, has more smartphones than guns

Turnbull delivers National Security Statement to Parliament 

Strategically, ISIL wants to create division by fomenting resentment between non-Muslim populations and Muslims.

ISIL emerged as an extremist, terrorist group out of Al Qaeda in Iraq and Syria. Their territorial gains in Syria and Iraq have fed into their narrative of conquest.

By most measures, however, ISIL is in a fundamentally weak position.

We must not be fooled by its hype. Its ideology is archaic, but its use of the Internet is very modern. ISIL has many more smartphones than guns, more twitter accounts than fighters.

It does not command broad-based legitimacy even in those areas under its direct control. It is encircled by hostile forces. It is under military pressure.

And, through its depraved actions, ISIL has strengthened the resolve of the global community, including Russia, to defeat it.

The 60 nation-strong coalition’s objective is to disrupt, degrade and ultimately to defeat ISIL. This will require a patient, painstaking full spectrum strategy. Not just military, but financial, diplomatic and political.


29 November 2015 - Turnbull has no idea about how to defeat "ISIL"

Turnbull gives this long-winded answer of waffle on question of how to defeat the "weak" Islamic State - no link to Islam


8 December 2015 - Tony Abbott takes the lead on Islam

Former PM Tony Abbott's opinion piece published in News Ltd papers

Tony Abb0tt calls for reform of Islam

AROUND the world, terrorists screaming Allah-u-Akbar are killing decent people going about their daily lives. 

So far, three innocent people have died in terrorist incidents in Australia: Katrina Dawson and Tori Johnson in the Martin Place siege a year ago; and Curtis Cheng outside Parramatta police station in October.

In the past few weeks, there’s been the bombing of a Russian airliner over Sinai killing 224 people, the multiple attacks in Paris killing 130, bombings in the Middle East killing 75, the massacre of 12 people in California (it now seems), and a four-day lockdown of Brussels.

Dealing with terrorism and the Islamist fanaticism that inspires it is the great challenge of our time.

Surveys of British and French Muslims typically show up to 30 per cent sympathising with the aims if not the methods of Islamic State.

...we can’t remain in denial about the massive problem within Islam.

Islam has never had its own version of the reformation and the enlightenment or a consequent acceptance of pluralism and the separation of church and state. Fortunately, there are numerous Muslim leaders who think their faith needs to modernise from the kill-or-be-killed milieu of the Prophet Muhammed.

A year ago, President el-Sisi of Egypt told the imams of the Al-Azhar University in Cairo that Islam needed nothing less than a “religious revolution” to correct centuries of false ideas that were making Islam a menace to the wider world.

When Islamic State first swept into Iraq, Prime Minister Najib of Malaysia said that it was “against God, against Islam and against our common humanity”.

Islam needs to delegitimise the urge to “behead all those who insult the Prophet” but only Muslims can do this.

Saturday’s Daily Telegraph reported local Muslim leaders blaming Islamic State on Western foreign policy but this self-excusing rubbish ignores the fact that the death cult’s victims have mostly been Muslims who think differently.

It’s also time Australians stopped being apologetic about the values that have made our country as free, fair and prosperous as any on earth.

Cultures are not all equal.

We should be ready to proclaim the clear superiority of our culture to one that justifies killing people in the name of God.

Tony Abbott's views are supported by many in his party, including former SAS Captain and member for Stirling Andrew Hastie.


9 December 2015 - Turnbull responds

Malcolm Turnbull fires back at Tony Abbott over calls for revolution within Islam

December 9, 2015 

Malcolm Turnbull repudiates Tony Abbott on Islam

'Don't make the mistake... of tagging every single Muslim with the responsibility for the crimes of a few' says Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. 

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has fired back at calls by his predecessor Tony Abbott for a "religious revolution" within Islam by cautioning against blaming all Muslims for Islamic State terrorist attacks.

Mr Abbott called for a "hearts and minds campaign against the versions of Islam that make excuses for terrorists" in an opinion piece on Wednesday, saying Islam had not undergone an equivalent version of the Reformation and Enlightenment in Christian nations. 

While declining to criticise Mr Abbott directly, Mr Turnbull struck a markedly different tone when asked to respond to the former prime minister's comments.

"I'm not sure what the response is other than to say that he's entitled to his opinion," Mr Turnbull told ABC radio.

Read more: 


9 December 2015 - afternoon - Turnbull enlists ASIO to attack Abbott supporters

Malcolm Turnbull meets with Andrew Hastie to discuss the SAS Captain's opinions on Islam.

ASIO chief’s call to Andrew Hastie has consequences for Malcolm Turnbull

ASIO director general Duncan Lewis.

I T was a phone call from ASIO chief Duncan Lewis to rookie Liberal MP and SAS hero Andrew Hastie that the MP calls a “a bolt from the blue’’.

And it is even more intriguing, when you know that the day before the ASIO chief called, Malcolm Turnbull had sat down with Hastie in Perth on December 9 and discussed his views on Islam. That same day, the Sunday Herald Sun has learned, the Prime Minister personally texted the ASIO chief Hastie’s mobile phone number.

This is a version of events at odds with Mr Turnbull’s public remarks. On Friday, he said: “I haven’t given Duncan Lewis any — I haven’t asked him to do, to make, give any advice to anybody.’’

Hastie is one of a group of MPs, including Tony Abbott, calling for an open debate about links between Islamic theological teachings and terrorism, a theory that Turnbull and the ASIO chief do not share. He does not recall the PM telling him on December 9 the ASIO chief may call.

“When the head of ASIO calls, you pick up,’’ he said.

Hastie wants to maintain the “integrity of the conversation’’. But other MPs insist the former SAS commander was asked by the ASIO chief, a family friend, to pass on ASIO’s message to other MPs. This is where it all went horribly wrong.


Prime Minister Turnbull's past 30 days have been fascinating as he swings around like a weather vane on the link between Islam and murderous terror.

Where Tony Abbott  is crystal clear on the cause - the kill-or-be-killed milieu of the Prophet Muhammed - until yesterday Turnbull continued to pretend there was no link at all.

What led Turnbull to yesterday's begrudging statement in Washington DC - “We should not be so delicate as to say ISIL and its ilk have got nothing to do with Islam"?

You can read all about that here in Part Two.

Turnbull says "War of Ideas" with ISIL. That's nice. In the real world a War of IEDs, AK47s and Jihadis heads our way

This is my review of Prime Minister Turnbull's visit to our troops deployed on active service in Iraq and Afghanistan.  It comes in two-parts, Style and Substance.

On 9 January this year Prime Minister Turnbull announced he would visit President Obama on 18 January in Washington DC.

The alliance with the United States is fundamental to Australia's national security......the Prime Minister will underline Australia’s enduring commitment to the alliance and in particular Australia's ongoing commitment to an effective response to regional and global challenges, including combatting ISIL in Iraq and Syria.

For security reasons, Turnbull's visit to our bases in Iraq and Afghanistan on the way was not announced in advance - but it's reasonable to presume the formal reason we'll get was to thank the troops for their service, to remind them of the mission and to reassure them that he had their backs.

Prime Ministers Rudd, Gillard and Abbott made much the same tour.  I've always wondered why?  Did the urge to say thank you suddenly make its way to the top of the priority list?   What was the real purpose each of them had in mind for going.  

Self-promotion is part of a politician's character - so you'd expect to see a subtle tincture of PR in the mix.   The question is how much PR and media is too much - and whether or not PR for the PM is the driver for the tour with everything else built around the photos.

They're not all like that of course - when Tony Abbott went to thank the troops, that's what he did.  In private.   Which didn't go down well with the media who already had the duty free items picked.

Journalists cut out of Tony Abbott visit to Baghdad

January 5, 2015

David Wroe and Latika BourkePrime Minister Tony Abbott and his Iraqi counterpart Haider al-Abardi.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott and his Iraqi counterpart Haider al-Abardi.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has broken with tradition by not taking Australian journalists on a trip to Baghdad, even cutting out a television crew that was ready and waiting in nearby Dubai.

Read more: 

Long after the reason for a particular trip is forgotten, the portfolio of candid moments with the troops lives on.   They're a must-have accessory for the international leader.   Now Malcolm has his.  So was Malcolm there for the diggers, or were the diggers there for Malcolm?


Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 12.39.16 am

It's not hard to imagine Kevin Rudd filling in for Malcolm Turnbull on this trip - you wouldn't change a word in the script.

Turnbull's visits were built around photo ops, speeches The Rudd might have authored and social media published on the run (my analysis on the substance of what he did in Part Two).

This afternoon (19 January 2016) this photo and the text attached to it were inadvertently made public on  Turnbull's Instagram account.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 1.27.10 pm

The photo and comments were quickly taken down but plenty of screen grabs were made and are circulating on the web.

"turnbullmalcolm's" comment above is directed to a staffer responsible for the final publication of the photo of Turnbull's back (yours to print and keep) standing alongside the US Secretary for Defense Ash Carter.  

"How can they say I'm against the fight on ISIL?"   (Editor's note, that's not what I hear them say Malcolm, it's more about your leadership and knowing how to fight them.   MPS)

Here is the photo in its final published edition.   "Malcolm is strong on terror and strong on the causes of terror" looking like something from the East Wing.   All about Malcolm.   

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 8.17.54 pm


As you'll read in Part Two of this story, I thought Turnbull's speeches to the troops were poorly prepared.   He hadn't boned up on how to talk to, or about soldiers, sailors and airmen and women deployed on active service.   As a result he made some pretty basic but very telling and quite insulting errors - and they won't be forgotten or easily forgiven.  

But I don't think you'll see or hear too much analysis on that in the mainstream media.  Some bile was splattered at Tony Abbott for offloading expectant travellers (in the article announcing Prime Minister Abbott would thank the troops in private) but the reporting on PMs in favour during trips like Turnbull's is usually reliably positive.

That's because journalists who get to go on tours to exotic places with the PM are selected or approved by the Prime Minister's staff in advance.  Get the message?  They sure do.  Not too much departure from the lines the PM and his team want to see published, right down to the headlines in some cases - here are arch-enemies the ABC and News Ltd's reports from Iraq:

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 1.30.05 am

Trips to the ADF's Areas of Operation present an opportunity for control over the message like no other. 

The headlines are easy, the photos are key.   The ADF publishes the authorised photographs, you can see Turnbull's by following this link and clicking through.  I loved this shot, 9 blokes with the PM at first glance.  But look closely at their eyes.   The diggers have their own shot in mind taken by a mate who's off to their right.  The 6 to Turnbull's left are all posing for their mate's camera "look who we got in our photo".  Malcolm's eyes say a lot about why Malcolm's there.

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 2.41.54 am

It takes judgement and sensitivity for a politician to be photographed with troops on active service.   It's pretty obvious when they're being used as a backdrop.

Mr Turnbull knows in his heart why he went to the Middle East.   After an hour or so the diggers would have too.   If they reckon the leader is fair dinkum, backs them and knows what he's doing it'll show.   Likewise if he's a Stephen Smith show-pony for whom our soldiers were an irritant.

Getting the tone right in written reports is simple.  It's easy to write and talk bullshit.   But body language and other non-verbal signals (like where a person stands in a room, who he stands with, looking at the watch etc) send out a message that can't be rehearsed.  

Most of us are pretty good at picking up the spirit of someone else's intent - like the bloke at a cocktail party who's constantly looking past you for someone more important to talk to.   But diggers serving in the Middle East are in a class of their own. Even Alan Pease would come second in the intensity diggers bring to studying people for signs of duplicity.  Their lives depend on observing the slightest non-verbal communication signals from everyone around them with the constant threat of rogue Islamist locals and suicide bombers on the streets.   They'll sum you up quick smart.

 Here are some unauthorised snaps of The Leader at work.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 10.06.49 pm

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 10.07.19 pm

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 10.07.48 pm

Service men and women put their lives at risk to achieve the things politicians want them to do.   The really hard stuff.

"Does this bloke back me?   Does he know what it's like?   If he's the boss, what does he say we're here for?" It rightly pisses anyone off to feel they're being used - when your life's on the line it's a bit more personal.

Turnbull's not alone - Rudd and Gillard clearly went to the Middle East for the photos, but no one has done it quite like Turnbull.

A short time ago I Googled Turnbull's contribution to misunderstanding the war against Islamic State, his banal slogan that it's a "War of Ideas".

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 2.13.15 pm

(Editor's note - our troops aren't in Turnbull's War of Ideas, theirs is a War of IEDs.   More from me on that in Part Two - back to the issue at hand - Malcolm's message and the media.)

All the major media organisations covered the PM's trip. All ran reports.  They (including the ABC) all play the "count the clicks" game and are acutely conscious of the importance of Google rankings in searches for contemporary news issues of interest.   So what's Turnbull's website doing at number one, beating the professional news organisations.   The first thing I checked was his material, what was he running that would cause so much interest, was it unique and only available on his site?

Nope.  Turnbull's website contained transcripts of Turnbull's utterances - but his page wasn't the original source. The original transcripts carry the national Coat of Arms and appear on the website as original source material recording Australia's position on issues of importance.

In his role as PM, Mr Turnbull is a paid employee hired to deliver services on behalf of Australia.  His employer published the transcripts at its website - isn't Mr Turnbull's job to promote Australia, its messages and interests?

On that score he's done a poor job because the website didn't even rate a mention in the Google rankings.

But identical transcripts, stripped of Government of Australia emblems like our Coat of Arms turn up on Turnbull's personal page - and it's that website, the personal property of Turnbull that reaps the benefits of work done for Australia, but stripped of its Australia branding.

It's surprising to see a politicians personal homepage at No 1 on an issue that gets picked up in the media   He's outpaced all our media organisations who invest in sophisticated techniques to build their audiences for connection to advertisers.

SEO (Search Emgine Optimisation) is an acronym for an industry that uses various techniques to lift a website's rankings. Mr Turnbull's homepage is a prime example of SEO at work, particularly on this issue.

Mr Turnbull takes webpage content from his day job (, strips it of its Commonwealth branding, reposts it to his personal website and uses SEO techniques to build the personal website.   He could provide links to to improve its standing.   But he doesn't.  That would be about Australia.   And this is Malcolm talking about Malcolm.

I followed the Google No 1 ranking in my research for Australia's Prime Minister and Australia's take on the "War of Ideas" in the Middle East and ended up at Turnbull's home page.   Turnbull sets out what it's all about.

The message couldn't be any clearer.


Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 9.04.26 pm

Malcolm, the tail is wagging the dog a bit.  Aren't you there to serve us?   Support Malcolm?   What for?

Malcolm is a master of marketing in the age of social media and -isms.   But what does Malcolm sell besides Malcolm?  In Part Two of this review of his trip to the Middle East and US we'll look at the substance of what he did and said.


PS -  If you're affected by Turnbull's subliminal messaging in the Support Malcolm call to action above, why not try a soothing contribution to

No staff, PM salary or government grants here - just me and you!   

PPS on a serious and businesslike note - I appreciate that there's a lot to learn from studying savvy internet marketers like Turnbull (a lot to dislike as well).  If he was a consultant on SEO etc I'd listen to him.   But he could apply his expertise in marketing etc to any discipline with much the same results - he is oriented almost wholly to the messaging.   I simply don't see the substance.

I see this website as the polar opposite.  this website and its history provides a very good insight into much of the "what not to do" if the aim is to build a viable business online.   But building a business has never been my intention.   I've done no market of the site, no SEO and have resisted offers of help to transform this operation into a self-supporting commercial enterprise - I felt from the start that our cause was loftier.

I recognise that if we are to remain online we'll need to change. Enquiries pending!

Compare Turkey's treatment of civilians with what's dished out by Israeli regime to Palestinian women and children

I can't vouch for this video, I've made some enquiries as to the young lady's background and have found nothing to cause me to doubt her bona fides.   She sounds as though she might have spent a little time in Australia.   I present it here in good faith as what it appears to be - a report from a relatively sophisticated operation in an unspeakable part of the globe.

The images are undeniable and heartbreaking.   Unimaginable in a civilised world.


Compare and contrast to the treatment dished out by the Middle East's Great Satan, the nation that needs to be obliterated from the face of the earth because according to the Koran its people are descended from pigs and apes - Israel.

Both videos were published on the same day - 14 January 2016.