Are charges pending for the Royal Australian Navy's Chief Islamist and government critic Mona Shindy
On the lying Mufti, his henchman the liar and disgraceful person Keysar Trad, Taqiyya and the old Arabic translations ruse

Reaction to celebrity-Muslim Mona Shindy's Taqiyya - and the chilling truth from a Muslim Mullah

Shindy's propaganda below was delivered as a Taqiyya laden speech to the United Services Institute and published in its Journal "United Service", Volume 66, Number 2, June 2015 -

Here are some direct quotes;

Terrorism is an abhorrent act. It has nothing to do with Islam.

Why then have Muslims been linked to terrorism? Terrorism is an unjustifiable, abhorrent act that has nothing to do with Islam. The extremist behaviour of groups purporting to be Muslims has been overplayed by the media for years constantly linking terrorist behaviours to Islam, e.g. use of the description ‘Islamist’, rather than separatist or militant. Of course, such groups claiming authority for their actions under a banner of ‘Islam’ has not helped, but it is not legitimate to associate the politically-driven behaviours of unsavoury individuals or groups with the teachings of a religion they claim to follow.

I personally find Western overplaying of the Sunni-Shiite rivalry to be unhelpful and often unwarranted. The media messaging seems determined at times to fuel flames. The bottom line is that commonalities between the sects significantly outweigh the differences which are in themselves not worthy of justifying division.

standing in the shoes of an Australian Muslim in today's environment is not as simple or as easy as standing in shoes of a non-Muslim Australian.

On Muslims protesting about Australia's military operations against Islamists

an inherent concern they (Australian Muslims) have for fellow humans they are told within the Quran they have a connection with as ‘brothers and sisters’ under the Umma or family of Islam.

The Extremist Issue

My view is that the complex extremist issue afflicting elements of the Muslim community needs to be addressed using a sophisticated multi-faceted approach that seeks to address issues that cause genuine grievances and feelings of disenfranchisement and victimisation among Muslims.

Successful social inclusion of Australian Muslims, requires a paradigm shift in the way we think, write and speak” about Muslims. Effort needs to be put into understanding the way in which Muslims view the world and themselves. Continuing to assess Muslim behaviour and lifestyle through a Western lens, shaped through Western historical experiences and understanding (which is very different to Islamic history and tradition), is fraught with danger and is perhaps the main reason for incorrect conclusions and views being reached.

The Charlie Hebdo event in Paris on 7 January 2015 is a case in point. From an Islamic perspective, the French government appears to be saying it is acceptable to ridicule what others hold as sacred, and cause outrage within French Muslim society; but it is not acceptable for Muslim women to exercise similar freedom of expression (not hurting anyone by the way) by wearing the hijab at universities or schools.

Another example of double standards is the world’s reluctance or inability to enforce the 1948 United Nations resolution regarding the Israeli-occupied territories of Palestine; but its willingness to take prompt and decisive action against other nations such as Iraq, even in the absence of a United Nations mandate.

It is also important that, in the public rhetoric, terrorism and Islam are de-linked. Constant negative media reporting on apparent Muslim behaviour provides ammunition for terrorist recruiters enabling them to convince impressionable Muslims that there is an agenda against them and their religion – again, supporting a call for armed jihad.

Indeed, the word ‘Islam’ needs to be removed from reporting on ISIS/ISIL or Daesh. The barbaric nature and ideology of these groups has nothing to do with Islam and we should work to limit their appeal to vulnerable Muslims, preventing the use and advertising of ‘Islam’ in their name.

Tangible and practical strategies should include the provision of government assistance to the Australian Muslim community:

  • to develop more English speaking religious leaders (Imams) to service the needs and spiritual guidance of Muslim youth;2

  • to create funded employment opportunities for appro- priately qualified Imams;3

  • to provide more mosques, with appropriately qualified Imams – this would reduce the promotion of unsavoury ideologies by uneducated do-gooders in makeshift community halls used for gatherings and prayer where no proper Islamic religious services exist; and

  • by addressing raised grievances or giving plausible, defensible and non-discriminatory reasons why they cannot be addressed – open and frank dialogue is needed in order to build understanding, respect and trust.

    Government education of the Australian community by promoting inclusion and mutual respect also would help in balancing and smoothing out polarised perceptions and beliefs.


Apparently many of the victims of Shindty's speech were none too impressed with being exposed to her duplicity under the auspices of her office in the RAN.

The next edition of "United Service:" carried this letter from the no-bullshit helicopter pilot Wing Commander Hedley Thomas AM.

It's easy to see the acorn didn't fall far from the Thomas tree with Hedley Thomas Jr, National Chief Correspondent for The Australian newspaper.

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Too right Wing Commander, thank you for your honesty and clarity of thought, thank you for your service and thank you for bringing us Hedley Jr.

6 months later the memories were still fresh.

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Muslims can pull out the lying with impunity card in certain circumstances - misleading infidels amongst them.

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If Defence won't at against this errant officer it would want to have a very good reason.

While Taqiyya girl was deploying sophistry and deception to an audience she must have thought of as complete dickheads, here's a better informed Islamic scholar talking on the record about the fate the religion of peace is planning for those of us who don't buy its bullshit.