Sensible decision by Minister Michaelia Cash to deny the Labor Party access to confidential volumes of TURC report
WIFI-drama and crookness quinella

Robert Ovadia and Channel 7's series of reports on David Morrison and the scandal that made him famous

Did the Australian of the Year Committee conduct due diligence on this man - like via Google?   How did he not know about these serious matters for 12 months while the ADF covered the matters up?  It's clear he did know - but he was still shameless in his exploitation of the offences to suit his own selfish promotional purposes.

This is really disgraceful leadership conduct.  The man's character is flawed someone - there is a palpable incongruence or lack of authenticity in his speech and expressions.   Now we know a little of why that is so.

Next week I'll bring you the full story of a scandal within Defence under Morrison's watch that had very real and  tragic consequences.    It was good luck and nothing to do with good management that saved us.  And Morrison, for now.